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RoyceM 06-10-2009 08:13 PM

New to aquariums, looking for advice
Hello all,

I recently decided to start up an aquarium and get my fish on . . . My ex and myself had a 10 gallon a long time ago and it was a nightmare, first of all we had way too many fish in the tank and our clown loaches got ick and long story short . . . everything but the danios died. I know alot more now and want to try again with a slightly bigger tank and Im thinking im just gonna stick to a school of 6 or more tiger barbs. My questions are . . . What size minumum tank would I need to hold 6 or 7 tiger barbs and do I need a pleco (or as I call em "suckerfish") ?? Im thinking a 20 gallon and that is exactly what I want. Wal-Mart has a 14 gallon starter kit for a descent price that I would be ok with but Im kinda skechy about that aqua culture kit ?? What is your thoughts on this kit and would it even be big enough for what I want as I know 1 inch of fish per gallon and the tiger barbs get to be 2.5 inches full grown so 6 would be pushing it but the ones they have at Wal-Mart are VERY small so it would not be a problem at first. Also, my main question is . . . assuming a 20 gallon is the way to go, where can I get a descent priced one, and it doesnt need to be real nice, I just want a dang aquarium not an acrylic materpiece thats gonna cost me 150 to 200 bucks. I just want a plain jane rectangular ( old school if you will) aquarium and thats it, glass is fine and I would prefer a kit unless it is more cost effective to do it the old fashion way and just buy the components seperately. Money is not an issue but I tend to get wild hairs and then lose interest quickly so I would rather spend a little at first and then If I like it then I can go nuts. I have checked petsmart and some websites (if ordering online is better Im ok with that) but, all I keep seeing is the triple filtering badboy acrylic dome hexagonal biorb bad mamajamma and Im just getting frustrated and looking back to the 14 gallon kit at trusty old wal-mart ? Help !!!! Oh . . . and how long does a tiger barb take to get close to fully grown ? ? ? estimate of course

Unrulyevil 06-11-2009 08:32 AM

Hey! Welcome to the forum!

Go with 20 or with 29 umm imo the bigger the better.. easier to maintain.
Try craigslist maybe you'll find one there? I do not know where you live but around here regular "old school" tanks are sold everywhere. 29 gallon for 40 $
I would recommend you to buy everything yourself separately and not to get one of those kits that have everything in them. You'll spend more money but it will be better stuff.

How fast tiger barbs get fully grown? Depends, On how you feed them and how much room they have.

jeaninel 06-11-2009 11:43 AM

Yes, definitely try Craigslist. They often have whole setups for cheap all the time. For a school of tiger barbs I personally would try for at least a 30" long tank. They appreciate swimming room. I know they look small when you first buy them but you have to plan your tank for their adult size plus take into account their activity level. A 29 gallon would work.

Arkamaic 06-11-2009 03:27 PM

Overall, just averaging out, a 20 gallon will cost you around 160 plus probably with a decent setup and all your gravel, lights, filter, etc... hate to say. But fish keeping is expensive.

As for a "suckerfish", or pleco, you don't need one really. I would recommend going with some corys for the bottom of your tank. Maybe 3 or 4 if you can manage.

And as mentioned before, you instantly just assume you fish is full size when calculating how much room he/she will need.

ashalon24 06-11-2009 05:32 PM

even if you got a 29 gallon it would be far too small for a full grown pleco unless you get an albino bristlenose pleco but they aren't a have to in any way. like said above a few cories would be a great addition to any tank one of my own personal favorites :)

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