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Nightfish 06-09-2009 11:34 PM

real plants and goldfish
So in my nice new tank are many goldfish (there's 4 Comets, 2 Shubunkin, 2 Rosy Red Minnows, 1 Mosquito Fish (thought to be just a weirdly fat and probably sick Rosy Red-they came from the same tank and look rather similar, but I am told its a common problem) and of course the Betta.

My question is really this-if I put live plants in there-are they gonna get eaten like really quickly?

Lupin 06-10-2009 12:22 AM

How big is the tank? While this is offtopic, your stock concerns me a lot. First of all, both comets and shubunkins grow to 12-18 inches. At the rate you have 4 comets and 2 shubs together, you need a 180g to fit all six properly. Allow a guideline of 20g per comets/shubunkins/common goldfish. This will apply to wakins and watonais as well. Considering those goldfish prefer a temperature no higher than 76 degrees, your betta should not be mixed with them at all wherein their temperature tolerance ranges from 76-86 degrees which is quite high for those "pond" goldfish. Bettas are tropical species. Aside from that, those goldfish are feisty eaters and can easily outstrip your other fish their share of food, not to mention there is a risk all your betta, rosy red minnows and mosquito fish will be gobbled quickly as the goldies grow.

You might want to isolate the mosquito fish as these small devils are rather nasty in the sense they will readily nip anyone within their reach. I had mosquito fish myself and never realized to my horror these are little fish with a very mean streak.

If you want plants, stick to hornworts, Java ferns, Java ferns, Amazon swords, banana plants, cryptocorynes, vallisnerias and anubias.

stephanieleah 11-01-2009 12:31 PM

Do goldfish eat mosquito fish? I have a dozen mosquito fish in my 30-ish gallon pond and two goldfish (so far). I didn't realize the goldies would eat the mosquitoes! Does that apply even if the goldfish are properly fed?

Lupin 11-02-2009 04:26 AM

Goldfish aren't really predatory despite omnivorous but they will still eat smaller tankmates. Whether it was intentional or not, most of the time it happens accidentally as they forage around for foods.

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