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SolaceTiger 06-08-2009 06:07 PM

Good filter for a betta?
Right now at this moment my new betta is in a 5 gallon tank which will most likely be his permanent home. However, I think the filter in it is a bit too strong... doesn't look like it cause you can't see the flow but it's obvious when Zidane swims under it.. he gets pushed right down. It's a tetra min whisper ex or something like that ... bought it a few years ago. What I would like to know... what's the best filter that can go in a 5 gallon rectangle.. (regular) tank that would make my betta more comfortable? Specific brand names would help me out alot! Thanks.

Tyyrlym 06-09-2009 09:51 AM

Sponge filters work very well for low flow but good biological and mechanical filtration. If it's a lone Betta in a 5 gallon a decent sponge filter will more than be up to the task.

SolaceTiger 06-09-2009 11:05 AM

Can you recommend any good ones? I was thinking of getting the Azoo palm filter. Power Filter for Small & Desktop Aquariums: Azoo Palm Filter Seems like it could be a good choice. I love drsfostersmith but if I could get this locally, it'd be much nicer since shipping makes it out to be 20 bucks. Right now I've lessened the flow with a plastic lid, 2 rubber bands, a piece of sponge and cut out square of some nylons I had... he seems to be much happier, but because of how tacky it looks.. I don't want it as a long term solution and I don't wanna wreck the filter I have in there now. Anyone use the Azoo filter?

Tyyrlym 06-10-2009 06:06 AM

I currently use this filter in my QT/Fry tank: Foam Aquarium Biological Filters: Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 3 & 5

This would probably be better for your tank: Foam Aquarium Biological Filters: Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 11

You'll need an airpump to operate it along with some airline tubing.
Something like a small one of these: Aquarium Air Pumps: Whisper Air Pumps
And the 3/16" 25' of this: Aquarium Air Pumps: Vinyl Airline Tubing

1077 06-10-2009 06:34 AM

I agree with Ty, I use same sponge filter, a Oxygen plus biofilter 5 in 20 gal with four kuhlii loaches and a pair of gold rams. Plan on moving the kuhlii loaches to recently set up 56 gal for I wish to provide them with cooler temp. Have tore down 75 gal that housed them until last weekend and am going to sell it. Six tanks was more than my very understanding girlfriend, could tolerate and was becoming too much like a second job for my taste.

SolaceTiger 06-10-2009 09:03 AM

Thanks guys, I already got the azoo. Kim seems to like it and I know how much she loves her bettas. :)

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