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BWG 08-12-2013 09:00 PM

BWG's emersed ambitions
New project time! My aquariums are all doing well and I ran out of room for more. Well there is room in the house, but only in places that I'm seldom in. Not a place I want fish. So what does that leave? Plants. I like plants. I like getting a whole bunch to try out. One thing I've never done (well two) is emersed plants and terrariums.

With that in mind I started looking into terrariums a few months ago. Some really nice plants out there for them. Some really artistic people. That those is not me. I can plan and research like a crazy man. I can find lots of interesting plants and fish for good prices. Making a scape look pretty? Soooooo not me. Hate doing it, get frustrated, redo it, get really annoyed, redo it, give up and let it go. It's how all my tanks came about and usually shows. So making a terrarium might not work well for me.

I still kept looking up the plants though since they were interesting and I'm nerdy like that. That's when I stumbled onto the journal that made me not care if I could do it, I wanted to do something similar. Want to see? Borneo Stream Biotope Go ahead and look, I'll wait.

Back again? Most of my fish and plants are Southeast Asian. I'm obviously in love with the floral and fauna of that region, so a terrarium like that really inspired me. Thing is I can grow aquarium plants. I've never tried to go anything else though, let alone all those. Plus the artistic touch.

A plan started to form though as I researched. Start off slowly and just try emersed plants for now. This won't be a nice looking emersed setup like aokashi has. Nope! This will be plants in pot in an aquarium! If this goes well then look out!

I could do stems plants. I have lots from that area of the world. Not feeling it though. I'm anal I guess, just like restricting myself to one geographical region. The plants I have in mind are aroids, carnivorous plants, mosses, ferns, and orchids. The rarer the better, within reason since some costs hundreds of dollars or are poached. No way am I going to do either of those options. I do have a wishlist though that I'm working on if anyone wants to see.

First step after plenty of hardcore research was to pull the empty 55 gallon out of the cellar and clean it up. Yeah you read that right. 55 gallon, I'm going hardcore from the start. I'm laying 50/50 odds on this either being an epic failure of epic proportions or epically epic.

So now the 55 is clean and sitting on a dresser. I was making a long shopping list of things I thought I'd need. A fan, light, heater, eggcrate, pots. Research going like crazy. I even had the order of plants I wanted to try. Crypts, moss, and ferns first. Then jewel orchids and Nepenthes. Last Buces and Phals (if I made it that far).

It was a decent plan. Then I found a good deal on some plants and the whole plan went out the window. I couldn't resist the hard to find plants at a good price. I ordered some, quick threw together a ghetto tank in a 10 gallon. Those plants arrived today, but more on them later. For right now go look at some pictures of some Southeast Asian streams in nature. Corymad and Jungle Mike

I'll post some pictures and info on the new plants tonight. I would do it right now, I'm I'm frustrating a certian mod by not posting them. Something I think is massively fun.

PS-Follow along while I kill plants. No lurking. I will name names and place the blame.

djembekah 08-12-2013 09:09 PM

this is going to be amazing! i'm excited for you!

Chesh 08-12-2013 09:15 PM

And yet some how your tanks always end up looking so beautiful!!! I am SO excited for this project, and I'm already convinced that it's going to become something beyond the epitome of epic epicness. . .

*ish too excited*

I dunno why you're trying to frustrate poor Ao, but

. . . good to see you back, doll. ^.^

BWG 08-12-2013 10:07 PM

Don't know about amazing, but it will be something.

I think my 10 gallon throw together runs about 88-90% humidity. I dropped the hygrometer in the water (the second one I did it to for a total of four times...yes four times!). What else have I done wrong? Well turns out that Miracle Gro runs right out of the bottom of a pot. Who would have guessed? I never would have expected this. No what else? Pots with soil float...yeah.

Guess I'll take some pictures now since I failed to get a frustrated reaction.

jentralala 08-12-2013 10:16 PM

I WAS gonna lurk, but then you called me out! Can't wait to see this. Are you still going to do the 55?

ao 08-12-2013 10:32 PM

ur really piling on the suspense by NOT posting pretty photos of pretty plants!!!!
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BWG 08-12-2013 10:35 PM

Good! No lurking! I'm still going to do the 55. I pretty much have to buy everything to set it up yet. My plans got speeded way up. The 10 gallon might stay though as a plant QT. No sense in possibly spreading mealybugs or root rot.

BWG 08-12-2013 10:39 PM

My new plants which I'm uber excited about are buces! There was a guy selling off his collection before he headed off to college. I bought five different ones. Honestly if I felt more comfortable with my ability to keep them I would have bought more. Normally these little plants run at least $20. They are said to be easy, but at the normal price finding that out for sure gets hard. I was planning them much later, but really couldn't resist. lol Already I wish I had snagged a couple more. The entire collection sold out in hours. Bonus for me? They were emersed grown.

Note on what buces are for those that don't know. If you know skip this part. Bucephalandra is a genus of aroids (like Cryptocoryne and Anubias) native to Borneo. They grow similar to Anubias and have a rhizome. There are three recognized species, but possibly over 200 varieties/unnamed species. Some are named after a location, while others have a seemingly random name. They are new to the aquarium hobby, not sure how long we're talking but I want to say around five years. That might just be the US though. That and the slow growth explains the price. Poaching is an issue. I made sure that mine had been from someone that cultivated them.

I was told they like acidic soil. I mixed up a 60/40 blend of peat moss (I know, I know about the badness of it) and MGOCPM. Hoping that works. I also stuffed a paper towel in the bottom to keep the substrate in. I'm waiting on some three inch net pots and cocotech liners so this only has to last until then. No cap, although I think I might use sand when I repot. Otherwise I might run the risk of fungus?

So without further ghetto setup.

Bucephalandra 'kir royale'

Bucephalandra 'artemis'

Bucephalandra 'green chile'

Bucephalandra 'gunung sumpit'

Bucephalandra 'mentarang kal-timur'

Chesh 08-12-2013 10:44 PM

If you have a no lurking rule, then we bind you into no holding back!
We alllll want to learn about the pretty little Bucelings, and. . . *looks around* a few of us have been doing silly things with plants and less water this summer. ^.^

DUDE! You should totally do stems in the 10 after you move into the 55. You DO have some really nice stemmies. . .


djembekah 08-12-2013 11:08 PM

aw they're so cute! sounds like a cool plant :)

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