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dad's old truck 06-02-2009 06:53 PM

What is this?
So I've had my 40gl salt tank set up for about a month now... it's cycled since I used everything off my older tank for it. I put my new pistol shrimp and goby in there this afternoon and noticed this weird thing on my rock... I've never seen it before... All that is in my tank is 1 fire shrimp 1 cleaner shrimp 1 scooter blenny 1 yellow watchman (just added) and 1 pistol shrimp (just added). I would love it if someone could help me with this. I haven't seen any snails in my tank.

Kellsindell 06-04-2009 07:37 AM

Wow, that's interesting. Does it move at all and if so, is it fast or slow? (i'm guessing slow) Or does it stay static and wave in the current? It may be either a nudibranch(if it moves) or some Zoas... Maybe?

wake49 06-04-2009 07:39 AM

Are you sure you don't have any Cerith Snails in your aquarium? It looks like the eggs that they lay.

Kellsindell 06-04-2009 08:14 AM

Hmm. maybe, but it seems too far off the LR.

wake49 06-04-2009 09:07 AM

I know Kells, but I figured it could've just been a trick of the camera.

Could it be some type of worm?

onefish2fish 06-05-2009 01:41 AM

does it move? is it still there? you say you have no snails in the tank? can you post a few more pictures (if its still there) and a full tank shot please.

dad's old truck 06-05-2009 05:53 PM

I'll get you a whole tank shot... it does not move... they look semi soft but don't move with the current at all. I have not seen any snails. The last snail I had died a month ago. This appeared a couple of days ago.

onefish2fish 06-05-2009 06:41 PM

im going to guess a egg cluster or a sponge. def. not a nudi if it hasnt moved. its hard to tell, and you say "they look soft" and in "they" more then one?

Kellsindell 06-06-2009 11:39 AM

It kinda looked like the worm i'm trying to get an ID on while it was on the Coral i pulled it off. Could be wrong but when i looked at it in the tank, it reminded me of this thread.

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