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Xathine 06-02-2009 10:16 AM

What to feed my fish?
Currently I have a rainbow shark, upside down catfish, and a dalmatian molly.

I've just been feeding them flakes but I'm reading that flakes alone provide no neutrition to the fish.

Is it okay to just continue feeding them flakes?

Or should I pick up something else and rotate it into the feeding scheduel?

Byron 06-02-2009 10:34 AM

Must be an old book with that comment--most prepared foods (tablets, flakes) today are extremely nutritious. The percentage of protein on the label is usually around 50% or higher. But it is still good to vary the diet; this ensures a better balance of nutrients and provides more variety for the fish and some fish do have preferences so everyone benefits. Most of us would agree that variety in fish foods is the spice of life for them. I alternate between three different brands of flake and tablet in the mornings; as you have vegetable-diet fish (molly) make sure at least one of them is aimed at this. Most fish will eat the algae/spirulina base foods which often have shrimp or fish meal in them anyway.

Another prepared food is freeze-dried, said to be a bit better than regular flake/tablet. And then there are the several frozen foods. Bloodworms are a staple, along with shrimp, squid, plankton--depends what type/size fish and some again will have preferences or those they won't eat. Fish that are picky or require live food can usually be weaned onto frozen.

Last is live food, easy to set up if you have the space and desire, but many of us don't. Some stores carry live foods like brine shrimp or wingless fruit flies. The benefit of live food is the added excitement for the fish--their natural instinct and behaviours. But nutritionally speaking, many consider the prepared foods to be better; the downside is the fish probably find them "boring".

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