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onekatietwo 06-01-2009 07:38 PM

30 Gallon aquarium filter

So my aquarium was turning green and cloudy practically instantly so I decided to clean the filter. Unfortunately, it seems that i have broken it in the process.

It's an old Fluval canister filter that I'm not at all familiar with - I just got it for free with the aquarium. Anyway, so now i can't get it to seal (not to mention I have water all over my room. UGH.)

Soooo. Now i have two goldfish swimming around in a 2/3 full, very green, unfiltered aquarium.
Sadly, I have no money. Fortunately, I have a generous boyfriend who said I could borrow some until I'm paid so I'm hoping to get a filter tonight or tomorrow.
So both of the local fish shops are closed, but I called Petco and they said they have marine land biowheel filters (or something like that) for 30-50 dollars.

So do I go pick one of those up tonight? It looks like they hang off the back of the tank... does this mean I'll have to move it up from against the wall?

Also, why did my filter do this to me?! This is awful!
Ihave to go buy a new filter for this 30 gallon aquarium, even though I was planning on buying a 55 gallon kit in a few months when I have a little more money.

Also, Petco said they have canisters for around 100. Would I be better off spending all that money for a canister than getting the biowheel thing?

Ugh. This sucks.

Sorry about this scattered post. I'm just so upset/frustrated.

Any fast answers would be appreciated by both me and likely by my fish who will be filterless until I figure out what I'm doing.

onekatietwo 06-01-2009 08:37 PM

Ugh. Ok. Just saw the equipment subforum. Sorry for the misplacement!

Also, it looks like i was overreacting a bit (that happens when you get a couple gallons of disgusting water on your floor.

So it appears that i can purchase the broken part online for about 10 dollars. Maybe, if I'm really lucky the local shop will carry it.

However, are my fish going to be ok with out a filter until I can order it? I assume I'll have to cycle it again if it goes with out a filter for a few days, right?
Also, should i do a full water change right now if they're going to be with out a filter for... who knows how long?
Would I be best off just going and buying a new filter.

Ok. So it's still pretty frustrating. And google isn't being too helpful as far as suggestions go. Thank god for forums.

Fishin Pole 06-02-2009 06:15 AM

My cheap suggestion for a quick fix would be to go get a sponge filter (rather cheap) and an air pump and use that till you can get your replacement part for the Fluval.........This will allow you to maintain the good bacteria in your tank and hopefully sustains the fish till your part come in.............Sorry to hear about the filter, but dont give up...........Its all a learning experience, and we have all been their.............

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