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becki29 06-01-2009 08:08 AM

***Persistent*** ICH for goldfish...
HELP!!!! I have a 48 gallon tank. I have a total of 5 goldfish in it. Last week I added the last 2 goldfish. On Saturday I noticed the tell-tale sign of ICH - white spots on the fins (only on the two most recent goldfish I added to the tank).

Saturday night, the water was treated with the Jungle brand ICH CLEAR (which has worked in the past with other types of fish I have had). However, there were no signs that the ICH was clearing.... it actually got worse into Sunday. Directions said to do 25% water change and re-dose the water with the ICH tablets again if no improvement w/in 24 hrs. Water was retreated again last night. Still no signs of improvement.

None of the other goldfish are showing signs of ICH yet... however, they are starting to behave a little differently (staying towards bottom of tank and not being as active as they usually are). I am worried it is because of this second batch of the treatment... which has STILL NOT worked for the two ich infested fishies (which, if I were to follow directions on the packet... I would be retreating the tank AGAIN tonight with the tablets). I *LOVE* my goldfish and do not want them to suffer or worse yet, die.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to cure this ICH without the fish all dying, which would be heartbreaking!!

Just FYI : I have been keeping fish tanks for about 10 yrs now... and haven't had such a persistant ICH problem like this one in the past. So, I am not a complete novice... but am stumped on this one.



Twistersmom 06-01-2009 09:22 AM

I have not used the ick med you are using, but you have only been treating a couple days.
I would give it some more time to work. Anytime I have used ick meds for treatment, I would treat for close to a week after all signs are gone.
I used the "quick Cure" for treating my goldfish, says it gets rid of ick in 3 days, took about a week for all the ick to go away for me.

aunt kymmie 06-01-2009 09:31 AM

+1 on Twistersmom's experience and advice. I used Kordan's Rid-Ich and it took an entire week of treatment before I considered it "successful". I learned the hard way that QT is an absolute necessity when deaing with "new" fish. Hope your goldies are on the road to recovery soon!

redpaulhus 06-01-2009 04:16 PM

Ich has a long life cycle and you can only kill the ich at certain points in that cycle.
I generally treat in tropical tanks for 2 weeks and in goldfish tanks for 3 weeks when treating for ich, regardless of visual symptoms.
You cannot kill the ich when it is in the fish or when it is in a spore in the gravel - only in the stages where it is swimming from the gravel to the fish or from the fish to the gravel.
At higher temps, this cycle is sped up, so you can get all of the parasites into the water column where you can kill them within a few weeks.
at lower temps, this can take longer, thus the 3 week treatment.

I don't believe any medication that promises to kill ich in less than 2-3 weeks - the meds just can't reach/kill the encapsilated parasite. I always treat longer.
I also perform daily partial water changes and vac the gravel very well - the spores will end up in the gravel.

I would also keep a real close eye on 5 goldies in that small of a tank - as they grow it will become harder and harder to keep the tank clean and the fish disease free. I generally prefer about 20g per goldfish. Light stocking along with large weekly water changes are the secret to disease prevention :)

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