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MonteCarlo 08-08-2013 05:11 PM

How many Assassin's for a 5.5gal?
I've got a Ramshorn snail outbreak in my filtered/cycled 5.5gallon. There's probably over 50 of em (and counting), since it seems like a batch of babies just appeared.

While I only got 3 male guppies (one of em is really small), I know my small tank probably can't handle any other snail eating fish than the Assassin snail. I was wondering how many should I purchase? I'd like to keep the pest snails under control but its not like I need to kill them all in a week or anything, so I'd rather not buy 5 snails with the chance of adding too much bioload, but id also rather not spend the money on only one or two snails if they won't be effective.


rexpepper651 08-08-2013 06:01 PM

one. thats a small tank you can easily pick out most of them but after it eats all thye snails youre going to have to supple snails for it to eat.

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