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Xathine 05-28-2009 08:02 PM

New to site, New to fish, New tank :)
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Hey all, just joined the site after spending most of the evening browsing google for "Freshwater Aquariums" lol.

Guess I'll just give my fish history and a quick pic of our new tank...

To start off last August I took my girl friend to the fair and I ended up winning a fish at one of the games. I had nothing to keep it in so I ended up paying $20 for a tiny little 6" box with some pink rocks in it, and a tiny case of food haha.

I'm honestly not sure what kind of fish it was, but we called him nelson and I wasn't expecting him to last long. We had him in that little box for a full month! So I decided one day after work I was going to buy a real tank. I went to the local petsmart and bought a 5 gallon tank with all the goodies (just basic setup)

But when I got home to show the GF what I purchased she informed me that our little fish nelson died :(

So the tank sit for a few months and she went off to college and we finally decided to put the tank to use and we bought a few tiger barbs and a few weeks later we purchased a chinese algae eater.

We didn't have the algae eater but two days and we came back from dinner to find him laying on the desk the tank was on :(

We kept that tank untill around thanks giving when we went out of town and entrusted our neighbor to feed the barbs...well with our luck she left the window opened for a good 3 days and our poor little fishes froze :(

So we returned to her dorm, and while I was cleaning the tank out (in the bathroom) I went back to her room to get the filter stuff to clean and when I returned to the bathroom someone had stolen my tank!!!!

Then Christmas rolls around and she ended up getting me a 10g starter kit. This time I went out and bought a heater, 15g filter, over head top + light, some bubbles, and other misc goodies. Hoping that this attempt at a nice tank will go over smoothly.

I'm still very new to aquariums, but I bought the tap water cleaner chemicals, and some salt for a freshwater tank, let it cycle for a week and purchased a baby upside down cat fish "killer"!

Since then we bought a dalmatian molly "Dottie", and a rainbow shark "bo". Our shark bo managed to jump out of the tiny 1" space around where the filter sits in the hood :(

We waited a week and she bought me a new one we named him "sky"

Here is a quick picture, only one I can find ATM.

It has a little bit more plants in it, as well as some bigger rocks! on the left side of the tank!

Its been a good project so far, I'm hoping it will last untill I can get a new apartment and hopefully upgrade to a MUCH larger tank. I still have ALOT to learn though.

I've been doing water changes with some milk jugs. Just found out its a better idea to try to siphon the gravel out during a water change so we'll try that next week!

Oh well, sorry about the block of text! Hope you enjoy! Questions, comments, advice is welcome :)

IonBaller07 05-28-2009 09:54 PM

I love the tank it has a kind of plain-natural kind if beauty to it, only problem ismost sites say a single rainbow shark needs 50-55g tank to survive :-(

Xathine 05-28-2009 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by IonBaller07 (Post 199649)
I love the tank it has a kind of plain-natural kind if beauty to it, only problem ismost sites say a single rainbow shark needs 50-55g tank to survive :-(


I've just been told 1" of fish for ever 1g of tank.

And everywhere I see the rainbow shark's max size is 3-4" long.

But I can't argue, bigger tank is always better. Hopefully I'll have something bigger in a few months.

I still have A LOT to learn about maintaining a tank.

Xathine 05-28-2009 10:25 PM

After doing some more research (Outside of petco, petsmart, etc)

I've found you are right.

Damn these corporate pet stores!

willow 05-29-2009 04:49 AM

hello and welcome,i hope you will be very happy here
with us,and find all the information you need.
the 1inch is just........well pants in some ways
unfortunatly the fish stores are just out to get money,i would say to you that
if you see a fish you like in the store,do one of two things,go home and look him up
on google,or come here and people will try their best to give you the infomation to help.
not saying that we know everything about fish,but there are members here that
should be able to help,as they've had a fair few years under their belts.
love the tank by the way.

aunt kymmie 05-29-2009 10:16 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum! You and the G/F have been through quite alot of fish jumping :-).
I agree with Willow as far as the advice you'll be able to find here. Regardless of fish species someone on our forum has had experience as far as keeping it. My first start out of the gate in this hobby wouldn't have been successful if not for the people here!

I really like your tank deco; it's very unique.

Xathine 05-29-2009 03:13 PM

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Here is a better picture!

Killer(upside down cat) is in the happy shark lol.

And Sky (rainbow shark) is in the easter island head.

And Dottie (dalmatian molly) is in plain sight.

I think our next setup I want to try to hide all of the filter items and stuff to look more natuarl.

We've got hose, wire, thermometer, heater and all that jazz right out in the open.

Xathine 05-29-2009 06:23 PM

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Snapped a few more today.

Sky was finally out of his little hiding place so I snagged a few of him.

Killer is still sleeping. He won't wake up for a few more hours.

willow 05-30-2009 07:28 AM

you could always use silk plants,if you don't feel comfy with using real plants,
have i said all that already.
sorry if i have.

Xathine 06-01-2009 12:07 PM

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Picked up a couple of new plants last night.

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