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fishyfish 05-26-2009 08:30 PM

My Red Wag Platy Had a baby and is acting strange
I have 2 red wag platies and they just got ich. i dont know if that makes them poo a lot.

Also my fish just had a baby. they only had ONE the first time. Then next day they had another ONE.
AND SO one but i maneged to save three and i put them in by net. Since they had ich i put them in a seprate little tank. Then evry time i llook at them they start to freak out

What do i do

Guppyluver4ever 06-21-2009 05:40 PM

I think the freak out will wear off once they get to know u, they'll stop, thats normal. As for the pooping a lot thats because the amount of food you feed them, but keep in mind fish do poop a lot.... anyway having only 3 babies might just be because of the fish's age. Just keep them how they are they sound fine.

DragonFish 06-22-2009 02:35 PM

Describe the freaking out, like swimming around the front of the tank when you approach it or startling and then hiding? Swimming around the front of the tank when you approach(sometimes very excitedly)is a good sign, They're greeting you and hoping for food ;) Startling and hiding isn't really too bad of a sign either, almost all fish will do this for a while until they become more used to you and their environment. I still have a couple fish that I got months ago that won't even come near me when I approach the tank, yet I can hand feed all my Plays, Angel, and Dwarf Gourami who all(save for the Angel)were obtained afterwards. So it also depends on the individual fish. :)

Now, keep in mind that livebearers poop a lot anyway, though seeing an increase in poop and long strands hanging are a sign of over feeding, cut back on the food a little if thats the case. But more important then the amount of poop is the color of it. Is it clear and stringy? White? This can indicate and internal parasite.

As for the Ich, are you positive its Ich? Do the fish look like they've been dusted with table salt? Do they rub on things or flick themselves off tank deco? If so, then you should treat the tank their in in some way, there are lots of different methods. I've never had an Ich outbreak myself so I don't know which is best, but most seem to favor the heat and salt method(google it). I've also heard of a medicine called 'aquarisol' that is supposed to work very well. I'll let someone else chime in in that area however.

And as for the fry, she may have had more but eaten them or the rest were consumed by other tank mates. But her age does contribute to the amount of fry she has as well, as stated. A younger female will give birth to less fry then and older one who has already had many batches.

Hope I can help :)

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