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Ehamm289 08-06-2013 02:47 PM

Is too much mating a bad thing (Mollies)
I currently have a 36 gallon bow-front tank with 12 fish (2 denison barbs, 2 red-wag platies, 2 dwarf gourami, 4 mollies, 1 baby mollie, and 1 pleco). The issue that I seem to be having is that I have a male black mollie that is aggressive (chasing around the tank) against the male silver mollie and the recently added baby mollie. Also, he keeps mating with the yellow lyre tail mollie. I have tried to place him in a breeder tank for 12 hours to see if this would help calm him down, but it does the exact opposite. When I let him out he keeps mating with the yellow mollie. I know that mollies are very reproductively active fish, but this seems over the top as my Dalmatian mollie has not stopped birthing fry and the yellow mollie seems to be pregnant now too.

My question for you all is whether this is necessarily a bad thing or not? He is nipping at the other fish, just chasing them if they are close to him.

henningc 08-07-2013 02:15 AM

I'd say it is kind of normal. I fyou had more female mollys he may lose interest. Seperating him likely will not help. Here is the problem I see, mollys get large and I doubt it would be wise to add more. You may wish to remove him for a day and see it the other male molly picks up where he left off. Is he trying to mate the platys? That would be typical as well. If you remove him and things settle down then rehome him or return him. These animals may not be rocket science material but they all have a personality.

jentralala 08-09-2013 02:42 PM

It could easily stress the female to the point of illness or death, if she doesn't have much of a chance to rest. He could also accidentally injure her. Generally with mollies many people keep several females to one male to reduce the stress taken on by any individual female. It sounds like you have a 1/1 ratio, I would return one of the males so the females are not constantly harassed, and you don't have the males fighting over them.

However, the mating is normal. Mollies (and other livebearing fish - platies, guppies, etc) will breed continuously. The general rule with livebearers is if they're female....they're pregnant :lol:

Ehamm289 08-09-2013 10:24 PM

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Ehamm289 08-09-2013 10:28 PM

Awesome information, thank you both! Right now the other male (silver mollie) has not tried to mate with the other two females. He is smaller then the rest of the mollies and that's why I think the dominant male is always chasing the silver male.
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