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jman828 08-06-2013 01:37 PM

I think my platy is pregnant.
My female platy was larger than the rest I bought just a short time ago, and now she isn't swimming much and hiding. Her belly is very large and I guess you could say squared off. I thought it may be bloat but there's no sign of dropsy and there appears to be a slight colour difference in her tummy (I guess this is a gravid spot but hard to tell). There also appears to be a small, white-ish opening near her anal fin (which I assume is for babies to come out of). I have put her in a QT for now so if she does have babies, she can be alone. I'll be watching so if she does I can remove her before they all get eaten. Does this sound pregnant at all? I hope so because I've never had fish babies let alone ones from a live bearer! She's also not eating and breathing a little bit heavy.

jman828 08-06-2013 02:16 PM

Unfortunately, shortly after posting this the platy began doing some very quick bolt-like swimming to the surface then would stop and float to the bottom and lay on her side. This happened about 5 times then she passed away. It was very sudden from swimming slowly and hiding to this weird bolting and less than five minutes later, death.

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