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Greg Murray 05-24-2009 04:50 AM

Goldfish tumours
I read responses from Lupe and Bettagirl to questions with regard to goldfish tumours from several years ago. I have the same problem and have introduced water changes. Parameters are 0,0,0; pH is 7.5 and the pond is aerated. I feed once a week and absolutely none of the food (floating) is left. I'll extend the pond and introduce a new gene pool. My only question is whether the tumour is infectious? Is it caused by a parasite?
Cheers Greg

Lupin 05-24-2009 06:35 PM

Tumors unfortunately are common in goldfish and still is for some reason not known to anyone, Greg although it has been debated genetic mutation, as already evident by the several strains we have seen, may be the primary cause. It will remain embedded on the goldfish and the host will live for as long as you take care of it unless it succumbs eventually due to weakened immune system. Only way of removing it completely is surgery and in most cases, it is dangerous if improperly handled.

See this interesting surgery log for tumor.
Goldfish and Aquarium Board Article-Goldfish Tumor Removal Surgery

Don't confuse tumors for ulcers and fish TB. I had a fish TB outbreak before and it was difficult to diagnose that one until the recent discussions helped me uncover the mystery behind my losses. Ulcers usually happen when a bump or lesion breaks out.

Here's an article for ulcers.

kaylabeth92 04-04-2012 06:32 PM

lump on fern my gold fish
my goldfish has a large lump on it's side that started small and has grown a lot all within about the last 8 months. i have had this fish going on 4 years and it was a good three to four inches long when i bought it. fern is now about a foot long now from tip of mouth to tip of tail. fern acts fine, swims good, and eats well, but i am concerned about what may happen if the lump continues to grow. What could the lump be? what can i do to help?

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