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FreshWaterTanker 05-23-2009 06:09 AM

Blue and Bubbly
I just upgraded to a Topfin 20 gallon feshwater tank for five (5) Calico Fantails, but my tank looks nothing like these here. Compared to these beautiful tanks my 20 gallon aquarium appears to be too blue and has too many bubbles. The water in these pictures are so calm and still. How do I acheive that effect?

I am currently trying to upload pictures, but until then this is what I have.

My new 20 gallon tank is from TopFin.

My 12X24 underground filter is via PerfectaFlo.

I have an Aqua-Tech Power Filter for aquariums that are 10-20 gallons.

And I have installed two (2) Aqua-Tech Power Heads at 170 GPH per powerhead.

My questions are: 1.) Can Freshwater tank even have powerheads or should they just have bubbles i.e. bubble stones, and 2.) if so, how many powerheads are recommended for a standard 20 gallon tank? 3.) Any ideas on how to bring back the diluted multiple colors in the tank? :question:

This is my first time ever using a powerhead and I do not want to beat my fish to death.

In the past, I have always used the Aqua-Tech Premium Undergravel Filter system that included two (2) Filter Plates, two (2) Gravel Guards, two (2) Uplift Tubes, two (2) Elbow Diffusers, two (2) Rigid Airlines, two (2) Air Diffusers, two (2) Carbon Cartridges, and one (1) Plug; however, now that my local retailer no longer carries the Air Diffusers or the Carbon Cartridges I am forced to upgrade to powerheads.

So, I bought two. One for each Uplift Tube. I placed them both in the back of my tank, one on the left-hand side and the other on the right-hand side.

My new 20 gallon tank will eventually inhabit five (5) Calico Fintail (Fancy) Gold Fish. Each Calico is approximately five (5) inches long. Nothing exotic like tropical fish or coral reef tanks.

The five (5) Calico Fintails are currently not in the new 20 gallon tank. I have not switched them over yet. Waited for advice and/or feedback.

My new 20 gallon TopFin tank came with a long black light bulb and the lightening has bleached out the entire tank in a soft blue haze.

I bought the same gravel that I always do Aqua Culture Blue Green Mix 5 lbs bags. I purchased four (4) bags.

And I bought an Aqua Culture Aquarium vinyl Background that is blue with pictures of green plants, but due to the black light it washes out all of the green.

This is my first experience with a black light in an aquarium. What color gravel and backdrop is compatible with a black light?

I feel like I am making this too complicated. They are just simple gold fish. My small 10 gallon tank was never an issue. Had it for 10 years, easy to maintain and the fish were happy. But now that I have upgraded I am completely lost. :dunno:

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