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FreshWaterTanker 05-23-2009 04:00 AM

Black Light Bleaching Out Color
My new 20 gallon TopFin tank came with a long black light bulb and the lightening has bleached out the entire tank in a soft blue haze.

This is my first experience with a black light in an aquarium. Any ideas on how to bring back the multiple colors in the tank? :question:

The 20 gallon TopFin tank is a freshwater tank and will eventually house five (5) Calico Fintail (Fancy) Gold Fish. Each Calico is approximately five inched in length. :thankyou:

onefish2fish 05-23-2009 10:06 AM

i dont understand this question. do you mean the tank now looks blue? maybe the bulb is old/bad?
ive actually heard black lights were bad lighting for fishes eyes, but who knows.

FreshWaterTanker 05-23-2009 11:31 AM


Sorry I guess I did not make myself clear. The black light bulb came with the 20 gallon Topfin tank and hood. To the best of my knowledge, the light blub is brand new. Bought tank and hood yesterday Friday 05-22-09.

I have no idea why the tank came with a black light, but it did. I was completely unaware that you could use black lights in aquariums, much less buy them with aquariums!

Yes. The black light makes the tank look blue...too blue. Now do not get me wrong I absolutely loved my original 10 gallon tank looking blue, but I acomplished that via blue/green colored gravel and plastic vinyl aquarium backgrounds with a clear/white light bulb.

However, this situation is completely different. The sales clerk did not mention that the TopFin tank that I was purchasing included a black light. So I continued with my shopping and purchased my ususal blue/gree gravel and plastic vinyl aquarium background.

When I got everything to the house, set it up and finally flipped the hood light on I was shocked! The water was so bright blue that you could read a book by it! I was so disappointed.

If only the sales clerk would have kindly mentioned that the tank I was interested in buying came with a black light, I would not have bought blue gravel and a blue backdrop. Talk about "blue" over kill. If I were to keep the system, I would have to get bight red and orange fish to offset the soft blue haze.

What do you mean black lights are bad for fishes' eyes? If so, then why are they included in new aquarium tank hoods? Personally, I could do without them.

Sorry for the confusion.

onefish2fish 05-24-2009 08:36 AM

i believe you may be talking about an actinic bulb, which produces a blue color.

FreshWaterTanker 05-24-2009 09:40 AM

Have no clue, but it no longer mattes. I returned the black light bulb, hood and 20 gal TopFin tank yesterday 05-23-09.

Although I do not understand why that particular light bulb was in that tank hood, problem solved. Did not like it, took it back.

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