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Guppyluver4ever 05-20-2009 06:40 PM

Guppies & Swordtail Qs
One of my guppies is pregnant and is showing all the signs of pregnancy except for the squaring stomach. I have seen her stomach square before and i think the other fish and her ate them, at the time, they were in a 1 gallon tank with another guppy. Dont worry i soon realized they needed more space and bought a 20 gallon tank. The thing im worried about is when she is giving birth so I cans save her babies. She is HUGE, and I have the option of putting her in the 1 gallon tank, but would that stress her out too much? Please reply quick! I need to do something and quick. Im new to guppies, but yes I am obssessed. Another question the male guppy has been following her around 24/7, is that a bad thing?

I know im asking way too many questions, but my swordtail has also been snapping at my platy, what do I do? I got her yesterday from a pet store so I can take her back, and switch her for another one, but are female swordtails known for being mean like that?

Relpy Quick! Thank You so much!!!!:thankyou::notworthy:

eileen 05-21-2009 11:30 PM

About your pregnate Guppy. I would put the male in the 1 gal. tank for now. The male will harrass the pregnate female so that he can eat her young and father her next litter most of the time. I hope you have alot of plants in your tank fake or real. Floating plants are good so the babies can hide. What I did with my pregnate female I kept an eye on her and when I saw alot of babies in the tank I took the mom out temp. and fished out all the babies. I put the babies in a 2.5 gal. tank and raised them in that til they were big enought not to fit in the adults mouth. I fed them ground up fish food. Gound to a fine powder and put this in a container with a toothpick. Wet the toothpick and dip it in the powder then in the tanks water. I keep the toothpick in the container with the food. I don't like breeder traps as they stress out the momma fish. You should not move her if she is near to have her babies.

I have a post on page 2 of livebearer on Guppy information thats really good. I have it in my favorites it has alot of good information on Guppies. It's under Eileen.

As for your Swordtail. I don't know much about Swordtails but if it is mean you might want to return it and get another Platy. Females are always pregnate if they are in a mixed tank so If you want babies just get a pregnate one. With you guppy being pregnate and platy I assume you have more then 1 platy you will have to many livebearers in your 20 gal. in no time. I would just keep what you have and put some corys for the bottom to feed on excess food maybe get a Bushy nosed pleco to keep your tank glass clean they only get 4-4 1/2" big. Good algae cleaner every small tank should have one. Maybe evern some small schooling fish like glow-light tetras, Neons, Harlenquen Rasbora, or other tetras in a small school of 4-8. You should be fine. If you want to keep the babies in check some of the fish will eat the babies and some will survive or you can rehome some of the babies on craigslist like I do. Good Luck! Remember to check out my post on page 2 on Guppys

Guppyluver4ever 05-30-2009 07:56 AM

thank you so much!!!!

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