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BCJC82 05-15-2009 06:49 PM

Shipping Sailfin mollies
So does anyone here know how long mollies will be okay in the plastic bag that you use to ship them in. Overnighting the fish from what i see makes it worthless costs way to much. The only other option is ground that takes like 2-3 days I don't want the fish to dye when they are on there way to a new home. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

eileen 05-15-2009 10:39 PM

i have never shipped fish but had some shipped to me from E-bay. They had them in a box that had flat styrofoam all around the box like an insulated styrofoam cooler and in breather bags. You can google shipping fish for information. They had a heat pad on the bottom of the breather bag doubled bagged in case of a leak from the first bag and plastic shopping bags over the heat pad and breather bag and on top with a flat styrofoam lid. I called a local fish store and they said to get the heat pack from a camping supply store. I also googled it and they sell them on-line. I was sent my fish priority mail 2-3 days. It was shipped out on Monday and I received them on Wednesday. I payed $ 11.95 to have them shipped.The box was 7"X 7" Shipping out on Monday is good so that you know they will get it by Wed. at the latest. You can get free boxes at the local post office if shipped UPS priority mail. My box had a stamp that said they give free boxes. My Tiger/Hybrid endlers arrived all fine. My shrimp was sent priority mail from Wisconsin and did not even have a heat pack and I got it on the 3rd day shipped to San Diego all the shrimps were fine. I would suggest fasting them 2 days prior to shipping so that the waste is not a problem in the breather bags. You can google breather bags for shipping fish. Google is good with information on stuff. Hope this helps you somewhat.

eileen 05-16-2009 11:52 AM

I forgot to tell you . The shrimp I got was not in a insulated box. It was shipped in a heavy plastic bag doubled and had newspaper around it and on top. You will only need a heat pack if the temp. drops below a certain degrees. I had to pay an extra $3 to my shipping for the heat pack. Some sellers charge extra for that if the temps are below 59. It's posted on google on how to ship fish. They have alot of different posts on the subject. You can also ask a question to some of the sellers on Aqua-bid on how they ship fish. One of the sellers called Lotsoffish sells alot of fish on Aqua-bid that's all he does. He gets back to people very fast so you might want to ask him a question about shipping fish. I also know that the USPS has flat rate boxes that you can send any amount regardless of the weight and it is one price always. You can ask about that at the post office. On DOA during shipping most sellers want the buyer to take a picture of the dead fish in the unopened bag upon opening the package for proof before shipping a new fish. Also do not fill the bag with air that you blow into it has Carbon dioxide and is bad for the fish. With breather bags you will not have a problem but with reg. plastic fish bags you can use a air pump or have enough air in the bag when you close it real quick. Good Luck!

BCJC82 05-16-2009 01:56 PM

Yeah i found everything out on how to do it. Now I just need to find out where to get the stuff think i will e-mail the lotsoffish guy and ask him where he gets his styrofoam boxes and how he ships his fish thanks for your help. Oh and go search for sailfin mollies on that site and you can see a picture i took of two females and a male there. My screen name is the same.

eileen 05-16-2009 02:09 PM

I think you can get that thin strofoam from a crafts store like Micheals. It's like thin sheets about 1/4" wide white strofoam.. I think the guy that shipped my Tigers from San Francisco, Calif. just cut it to fit the box he shipped it in and made a lid. The Lotsoffish guy would be a good person to talk to in the subject. He might have a better way to ship to keep costs down. I know he offers free shipping on alot of his stuff but he sells in big lots.I would include the material you had to get to ship the fish in the price of shipping. Mine was $11.95 + $3 extra for the heat pad. Let me know how the shipping of fish goes. I'm raising Tiger/Hybrid endlers now and Yellow shrimp with red cherry shrimp in their own tanks. I looked on your Auction. Those fish are nice size. They look like the one that's on Aqua-bid under Green wild Sailfin Mollies. He's got abid of $30 now. Yours might be the same. You might want to google wild sailfin mollies and post a better picture of the fish. One that is not out of water. Maybe in your headline also put Trio or 3 so people looking know what you are selling up front and will have people clicking on your post. It's just a thought.

Oldman47 05-16-2009 03:07 PM

Styro is readily available at almost any building supply store where it is sold in sheets for insulation. Various thicknesses are often for sale and the stuff is easy to cut to size.

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