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1077 05-15-2009 07:46 AM

Jacks new digs.
Many years ago when I wore a much younger mans clothes,and life was much simpler, I kept a Jack dempsey and an oscar. They got along well for over a year and I left them in my younger brothers charge while I began what was to be a fifteen year carreer working for a Railroad contractor. Needless to say my brother was not inclined to provide the same level of care as myself,, and the fish perished.
I have kept many different fish since then,but yeserday while making my rounds of the local fish stores ,,I came across the most beautiful Jack Dempsey that I believe exists,, be it man made,,or otherwise. It is the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey and though My old truck needed gas,, I could not resist. I currently have the three inch fish in quarantine tank, and am moving fish around to vacate an 80 gal that will be it's new digs. Thus far ,he,or she.appears content with assaulting the trumpet snails that are in the quarantine tank and help keep the tank's biological filter sustained. It has also eaten some Mysis shrimp, and some frozen chopped Krill. I have read all I can find on this variant of the Dempsey and welcome any comments (respectful) and or expieriences others may have or had.
Ishall attempt to update the fishes progress or lack thereof (saints forbid). And at some point try and make photos available. For now I am wondering about a suitable member of the synodontis family of catfishes for patrolling the bottom. My expierience with plecos and Large cichlids indicates that the synodontis might be a better candidate. Anyhow,, I shall post later to share what I hope to be a long happy expierience, Cheers!

aunt kymmie 05-15-2009 10:03 AM

Congrats on the new addition :-). I can hardly wait to see pics. If you say he's the most beautiful fish you've seen that's saying something, considering the experience you've had in the hobby! How long will you keep him in QT?

1077 05-15-2009 10:16 AM

Thank you Aunt Kymmie, He or she is pehaps not the most beautiful fish perse, But far and away the best looking Dempsey I have seen. Had a girlfriend in my teens that kept several in a 225 gal tank.
I shall leave the fish in the quarantine for at least ten days,
The fish looks healthy, poop looks firm,and it is doing what cichlids do ,,rooting around in the black gravel (less stress) in quarantine. Much easier to treat ten gal than 80 should problem present itself. I paid dearly for the little creatue and want only it's health in return.

aunt kymmie 05-15-2009 10:21 AM

You know I have to much?? :-)
I've got a fish in QT now and was thinking of keeping it there for about a month. Excessive?? I've got a school of Denison's that I can't afford to lose. Is Jacks going to be the only inhabitant in the 80 besides a syno?

1077 05-15-2009 10:44 AM

I paid what it would have cost to fill up my truck with gas. Could have gotten the fish cheaper online but with shipping ,it would have been same. Denison barbs are beautiful fish and pricey as well. I do not blame you for taking all precautions.
The fish store I got the dempsey from is a very good store in so far as care of fish goes.
I am entertaining the thought of placing perhaps a convict and possibly a firemouth with the Dempsey and the synodontis. My severums and Blue acara are also from south america but I do not believe them to be able to co-exist in the long term so I have moved them to 75 gal with rams,clown loaches,whitespot pleco,and one very large Kribensis that I rescued from a tank of Frontosa.

aunt kymmie 05-15-2009 11:17 AM

Yikes. I drive a truck so I know what it costs to fill that up.
I'd love to see some pics of your other fish too! Maybe also some FTS?? Perhaps you can shoot some pics of them when you shoot Jacks. I think Blue Acaras are a beautiful fish and I haven't seen a white spot pleco.
I don't care for convicts but really like firemouths but then I'm only basing this on "looks" not experience.

1077 05-15-2009 11:39 AM

I am completely ignorant (blissfully) of how to post photos on this type of medium and it is with considerable trouble that I can communicate at all. Most children I suspect ,can type much better and faster hence,, the all too frequent misspelled words and improper punctuation in many of my posts. I also am trying to talk the computer tech into posting the photos for me when I get them all together but both he and I are a bit apprehensive bout this. The only computer that i have access to ,and the one I use daily,, also controls approx. three hundred thousand dollars woth of heating and cooling equip in the building I am stationed at. He is of a mind that the disc,with the program controlling said equipment ,may have to be removed to allow me to post up the photos. Again I am ignorant in this respect so I must take him at his word. I may be able to use computer at public library but I will need much more knowledge before attempting this. My tanks decor changes with each week it seems. I keep this species or that ,for a few weeks decorating the tanks to suit the species,, and then,, I trade the fish for store credit and it's on to something new or that I find particularly interesting. I must confess though,, I have always loved the Dempsey's.

jeaninel 05-15-2009 12:39 PM

Congrats on your EBJD! They surely are a very beautiful fish (and pricey!). I've not kept them before but just wanted to say good luck with him as I've heard they are hard to raise to full size. But I know he will flourish with the level of care you will give him. And I think it's about time you learn how to post pics 1077! :lol:

Nudist 05-15-2009 01:14 PM

congrats on getting the EB, they are very beautiful fish. if you need more info on them check out this site... Click here: All Things Dempsey! :: Index


1077 05-16-2009 02:16 AM

[quote=jeaninel;195738]Congrats on your EBJD! They surely are a very beautiful fish (and pricey!). I've not kept them before but just wanted to say good luck with him as I've heard they are hard to raise to full size. But I know he will flourish with the level of care you will give him. And I think it's about time you learn how to post pics 1077! :lol:[/quote

:wave:] Jeaninel,, I too believe it's time I learned how to post some photos. My twelve year old niece says It's easy as pie.:sarcastic:

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