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Bethaliz 05-14-2009 11:56 AM

Gold Fish Colour loss????

So I have no idea whats going on. I have a betta (female) and Gold fish community going on. Its kind of a wierd situation. I got a 10 gallon and bought a couple 10 cent gold fish to cycle it, but they lived, grew strong, doing great. but I had planned to make it a female betta community. Besides my gold fish we're getting too big for the 10 gallon. So, I got a 20 and but the gold fish in there. (huge jump from last summer when I was just gonna have a couple fish in a small tank. lol). Anyway, the 10 sprung a leak. so I've had 4 female betta's and 4 gold fish in a 20 gallon tank for a while. Cause I just can't afford another tank at the moment. (had to buy a car. lol) Either way they're all doing great! It's planted. The plants are growing like crazy! No betta fights, the Gold fish seem to really get along with them. So I'm not planning to split them at the moment.

However, I noticed the other day that one of my gold fish is lossing colour and I"m not sure why. S/he use to have large goldy orange spots along the top upper half of its body the rest was white. The spots were big enough to look solid. You really had to look close to see that they were spots. This little guy has been missing a gill on one side since I got him, but it hasn't stopped him from growing or enjoying life. But now he's almost all white. There doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with him, other than he looks funny without colour.

Is there a reason for a fish to lose colour? Everyone else in the tank has vibrant colour. He's getting food, theres nothing new or changed in quite a while. What can I do to get it back? Does it mean something is wrong with him?


Lupin 05-15-2009 12:38 AM

Pics? A lot of goldfish do change color as they mature. I keep goldfish myself and had noticed it before when I use to rear plenty of them.

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