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watts300 05-14-2009 10:07 AM

Pest control
No, not for the aquarium, but for my apartment.

Two days ago, every one in my building got a notice that pest control is coming today. It is a "mandatory treatment." There are several things about this visit that bothers me, but there are two more so in particular. First is everything in my kitchen (cupboards, cabinets, and pantry) have to be removed and put somewhere else or they do it and charge me a $50 fee. Geez.. what an undertaking.

The second is, in the same paragraph they mention keeping babies/infants out of the apartment for four hours they tell any one with a fish tank to unplug it. (And also cover it, presumably to protect from pesticides. I can do that.)
It did not say unplug it for four hours.
But it really bothered me because it was in the same paragraph that a time frame IS given.

I spoke to the leasing office and told them by no means will I leave my aquarium unplugged for four hours, and I asked them what pest control is doing that results in the desire for things to be unplugged. The guy I spoke to had no idea. He simply said a "complete treatment and it should be unplugged." He asked why I won't do it. I told him about all those lovely bacteria we all love.

Then the wise guy proceeded to tell me that there are drops that I can put in the water to help out. It's was humorous to hear advice from some one that knows less about fish keeping than me. I giggled and told him I will not rely on that. I insisted on a way to find out what's happening with the treatment and he recommended I call the company. I did.

The technician there said there really isn't a big deal with leaving it plugged in. NICE! TALK ABOUT MISCOMMUNICATION!
He also took down my apartment number to have it noted that it will be plugged in for whoever visits my place.

Man. Can you believe all that?
I just had a really frustrating hour and a half moving all of my stuff out of my kitchen. Fortunately, I am moving at the end of June.

Tyyrlym 05-17-2009 04:21 PM

I bug bomb my house on a regular basis. When I do it I prep my tanks this way. First, I turn off any air pumps. Second, I take important filter material out of the filter and float it in the water. In my case the biowheels. So long as the bacteria stay wet they'll be fine. Four hours is not long enough to suffer any kind of significant die off in the bacteria. Additionally it's unlikely that a significant amount of ammonia will build up in that time. Then I cover the tops of the tank, aluminum foil over the top of my HOB filters and a good heavy beach towel to cover the entire top of the tank.

So far I've never lost a single fish to a bug bomb. Admittedly you're dealing with a slightly higher octane poison and a longer duration. The basic procedure should be sound though.

Mikaila31 05-17-2009 05:30 PM

4 hours won't hurt anything as long as the media stays wet. I've gone through a couple power outages that long without any problems. Once you pass four hours though I like to change the water in the filter(any external filter) and just add more tank water. I do this a few times an hour, or like above you could just toss the media in the tank. If the media is in the tank, or you have a internal filter I wouldn't get concerned till maybe 12 hours without power.

My biggest concern about power outages is that they normally happen in the winter. I get more concerned about tank temperatures than anything, normally I toss blankets over tanks to hold the heat in.

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