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brettxw 05-13-2009 12:58 AM

Questions about Black tetra fish
I was cycling my smaller 10 gallon tank then decided not to. I then put the 2 black tetra fish into the 30 gallon with my Balla Sharks, Glass Fish, Blue Lobster, Pleco and 2 chinese sucker fish.

Well, since I've done that 2 of my balla sharks have passed away. One of them I knew was getting sick but the most recent one showed no signs of stress. I looked one night and he was swimming around upside down, breathing and moving..just, upside down and was dead in the morning.

All my water levels are good.

Are black tetra's known to be territorial or aggressive?

1077 05-13-2009 03:04 AM

No On Tetras, At the first opportunity.. I would get rid of the chinese Algae eater. They are poor algae eaters and are aggressive as they mature. There are Tetras that tend to be a bit nippy, but none that would bother the sharks. The sharks grow quite large, and would be more of a threat to the Tetras than the Tetras would be to the sharks. Blue lobster will eat any fish it can catch, and usually slips up on fish during darkness. If your thirty gal is cycled, You could take some of the filter material from it and place it in the filter of the ten gal and this would help the ten gal mature or (cycle) a little more quickly. You could also place the tetras back in the ten gal if you wanted assuming,, that you use some of the filter material from the thirty gal and ,, that the thirty gal Is an established,mature,or (cycled ) tank. I might were it me,, Check the water parameters a couple times a week to make sure that problem is not related to water quality or a lack thereof.

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