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CodyL1121 08-01-2013 10:03 PM

Being Cautious
Hello everyone,

I am starting to transition myself from beginner to intermediate in the fishkeeping hobby. I am still a little cautious though, and would like some opinions since you guys know best!

I have 5 Neon Tetra's and 4 Cory's in a 30g tank. I will be adding some dwarf Gouramis in the future as well. I would LOVE to add a Blue Lobster (Crayfish) to the family but I am a little hesitant. I heard they can be aggressive and territorial. Do you think he will bother my other fish? I don't want this Crayfish messing up my Aquarium's vibe and stressing my other fish out. Especially my Cory's who love to swim everywhere. Opinions please? Thanks!

djembekah 08-01-2013 10:12 PM

i'd add about 5 more neon tetras and at least two more cories as your shoals should really be a bit bigger. I'm not sure how the cray will interact with them though, hopefully someone else will weigh in!

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