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sammies4787 05-09-2009 12:09 AM

Questions about Swordtail Fry..
So, I have three swordtails in my 16 gallon bow front aquarium as well as one silver sailfin molly and a Plecostomus.

I thought all of the swordtails were male, but it turns out one of them is female and just had a bunch of fry today. There are only three left in the bottom of the tank. I didn't even realize they were there until tonight. And, now there are no stores open to buy a breeders net. What should I do to save the fry?

If they do all die, what should I do in the future? I really cannot afford another tank but I wouldn't mind selling or giving away the fry that I have in the future when they are mature. Is a breeding net the best idea? Is there really no other option at all? Just curious. Also, is it true that they can change their sex from a male to a female or female to male? how can I tell when that happens?

Thanks for any advice! :D Hopefully I can save these last three.

mollies 05-09-2009 10:55 AM

put them in a bowl with tank water in it

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