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bavareze 05-04-2009 05:48 PM

goldfish inflations on body

i have a 10gallon tank, 4 gold fish and one sucker fish. fed with tetra flakes, no warming, carbon filters. water changed every 3 months or so and drops added with fresh water.

everything has been just fine with the fish since i got them from the last owner. however, 2 days ago i noticed some body inflations on one of the goldfishes. one larger and 3-4 smaller. fish still eats and is pretty active.

please help me with some advice on how to fix him. thanks!

pictures of the fish are here:

Picasa Web Albums - radu - Sick Fish


1077 05-05-2009 06:44 AM

Gold fish are large messy fish and one goldfish would need a minimum of twenty gal tank with filter rated for fifty gal. The four goldfish you have and the suckerfish, will not last long in a ten gal tank and you should not take my word for it,but google information on proper care of goldfish. You may be able to help them temporarily by changing 3 gal of water every day with new water that has been treated before it goes in the tank,,with DECHLORINATOR that removes these three things... CHLORINE,CHLORAMINES, and AMMONIA. This may buy you a few days until you can return these fish to store or provide proper size tank.

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