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jsm11482 08-19-2006 12:28 PM

Cleaning a canister filter
I have a canister filter that hasn't been used in about a year and I want to clean it so it doesnt have any disease etc for when I set i tup on my new tank. Can this be accomplished by running it with diluted vinegar? If not, then how?

SKAustin 08-20-2006 10:14 AM

My recommendation would be to discard and replace any of the filter medias, then simply rinse out the unit itself with extremely hot water (not too hot that it would warp the plastic). After a year of no use, if stored properly, the filter should be bone dry by now and any aquatic parisites should have long since perished. Check any and all rubber seals as those may have begun to deteriorate and may also need replacement. Most larger LFS will carry replacement seals and other parts. If you are unable to aquire the necessary parts at the LFS, contact the Manufacturer and request information from them. It may also behoove you to seek out the manual for the unit. If you no longer have it, most manufacturers offer online versions of the necessary documentation.

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