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yippee 05-01-2009 02:37 AM

danios with faded color?
I bought three regular zebra danios. They are in my 20 gallon tank. Tested everything before they were added and two days after and params are flawless. The coloring in them is very pale, what else could it be?

1077 05-01-2009 04:01 AM

What are exact readings for ammonia,nitrites, and nitrates? What's the pH? Describe how the fish were acclimated to your tank. Are you using the danios to cycle the 20 gal? If so, feed them sparingly once every two or three days. Fish can go weeks with no food but ammonia kills in hours .Bright lights and light colored substrates can cause colors to wash from fish but I would want to be certain that there was not an enviornmental problem before guessing at source of your concern.

yippee 05-01-2009 11:50 AM

Ammonia and NitrIte are both 0. Nitrate stays anywhere between 5 and 20. I did a 25% water change last night after getting the params, i didnt test the Nitrates afterwards so i dont know where they sit now. I know they are below 20 without a doubt in my mind. I'll test them in a minute.

The 20 is cycled now. I bought them to add to the tank now that it's cycled. THe tank has a regular flourecent strip light with a light rated at 15w. The tank has white and pink mixed gravel. That is the first i've heard of that, why will lights and gravel cause their color to flush? I also have the betta in the 20. He is doing so much better in the 20 than any of the other tanks hes been in. THere was a sudden transformation in his personality when he went from the 10 to 20, you can tell he is just as happy as can be. I really don't think it is a water problem, unless there is something i'm missing.

adiumroot 05-06-2009 09:17 AM

How is the faded danio acting? Is he sluggish? If he's acting normal, then it's probably not a big concern. Just continue to observe him just in case anything else pops up.

Did you change your brand of food recently? I remember that my old goldfish faded after I switched fish food from that with spirulina color enhancers to the regular ones. I thought the old brand of food was expensive so I downgraded. But it took some time for him to fade and it wasn't sudden or drastic. So probably what happened to your danio was something different.

1077 05-06-2009 12:05 PM

Many fishes colors will fade with bright light or light colored substrates ,and will appear much darker in color with dark substrates and subdued lighting. Sometimes their colors fade in an effort to blend in with the substrate, and some fish just don't feel comfortable with bright colored gravel or lights. You water parameters appear to be in order and so long as the fish are eating,I might just observe them as has been mentioned. They may just be adapting to new surroundings. I prolly wouldn't keep them in temp. much above 80 degrees.With 76 being ideal.

yippee 05-07-2009 01:28 AM

The water is flawless. It's actually all three danios that are faded. They are slightly better now, but still not 100%. they swim around, chase each other, eat like there's no tomorrow. THey act like regular danios. The tank has white and pink mixed gravel with a regular 15W bulb. I got them a week or two ago so i haven't changed anything since i've had them. Same food alternated with blood worms. They seem as happy as can be but the color is faded. THey are with a betta and his color is just as vibrant as can be.

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