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monapica 04-30-2009 03:14 PM

Feeding Goldfish
I have two goldfish (for a little over a year), in a 10 gallon tank. They are very lively, healthy fish. I feed them flake food twice a day, and so far, they are doing very well..

I have a couple questions about feeding:

a) I recently read online that if goldfish are fed flaked food, it should be wet a little bit beforehand, which will cause it to sink to the bottom (and can then be eaten later). This prevents fish from swallowing air.

Is this an advisable feeding method? Do fish really swallow too much air when eating, and is this bad for them?

b) Regarding the type of flakes-- any suggestions? I have been feeding my fish Aqueon flakes (from petco), and they seem to be doing fine...but is there any nutritional value, or is it pretty much fish junkfood? If so, what other brand of flakes do you recommend?

JohnnyD44 05-01-2009 04:43 PM

The food you are feeding them will be just fine. I use TetraColor flake food in my community. I haven't heard anything about fish swallowing too much is my main concern with your post though:

Are you planning on moving these two goldfish to a bigger tank? Golf fish are notorious for producing an enormous amount of waste.....also depending on the kind of fish they are...they are disease ridden. The smallest I would put two gold fish-in would be a 45G tank...atleast!!!! I would also cut down the feeding to 5 times a week.....

What kind of filter do you have on your tank? gravel? do you do water changes?

I know that is not the answer you were looking for to your post, but people on here care about the well-being of our fish...two goldfish in a 10G is just isn't going to end well for your fish, you are prohibiting their growth, which is bad for them....I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but if you can....I'd consider re-homing or upgrading your tank.

eileen 05-01-2009 05:30 PM

I agree. I have had Goldfish before and they are big waste producers. I have never been able to keep them in a small tank of 10 or under. If you keep them they will out grow the tiny tank and the water changes just to keep up with the small tank can be alot. Black Moor goldfish are really pretty but I have noticed they alway get Ich. I gave up on them and switched to Tropical fish. If this is your first attempt in fish keeping. You might want to rehome them and go with easy Tropical fish like Endlers or Guppies or any Livebearers that do not get to big, Corys are nice also. Remember do research before buying a fish to see how easy or difficult it is and how big they get when full grown. This will save you alot of problems with your tank and wasted money. A good site to rehome is Craigslist. I also know that Petco will take any fish for free If you can't keep it for some reason. Good Luck!

Lupin 05-06-2009 05:18 AM

Hi Monapica,

First of all, what strains are your goldfish? Could you please post pictures? Various strains have different sizes. Of all the strains, tosakins and pearlscales are the smallest that I know of growing at a range of 5-7 inches. A 10g definitely is not going to fit even one for a long time. As a quarantine, rearing or hospital system, maybe but not as a permanent housing system. If you have Craiglist, look into that site and if space and money are not an issue, aim for a 55g to be able to house your two goldfish. The minimum for the smallest strains to be kept singly should be 15-20g at least and a 40-55g for the largest ones such as comets and shubbies. You may need to double the filtration system as well once you plan out a large tank for the goldfish. Don't get me wrong. Goldfish are fun to have but their size and bioload must be considered before you plan one.

As far as the eating habits, I would feed them sinking foods only to avoid swim bladder disorders which do happen indeed when they consume foods that float or expand twice the actual mass until soaked. This is one of the leading causes of goldfish issues leaning to swim bladder disorders.

Aqueon is fine but you need to realize all fish need various foods to be able to grow and boost their immune system. If possible, go to and order food there. Ken sells foods in bulks at a cheap rate and this lasts you for months. To be able to maintain freshness, the foods are kept in vacuum sealed containers. You can place them in the fridge to maintain long shelf life.

Good luck!

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