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millertime610 04-30-2009 12:36 PM

Switching filters etc...
Hey folks!

I started my tank a few weeks ago (10 gallon) and one i finished cycling, i developed alot of green algae. I have 2 Danios in the tank right now. I put 2 algae eaters in once it cycled and they died in 4 days, plenty of algae left so they didn't starve. but to get rid of the grime on the gravel, i tried my siphon but the gravel did not come clean enough. So i pulled about 3/4 of the gravel and scrubbed it in the tub. 2 days after that, i lost my eaters. I checked my water and i found that my ammonias were up again. I cycled with the Danios and they're still going strong. Can scrubbing the gravel cause it to mini-cycle?

Also i was using an aqueon power filter 10. so my tank is still in its mini-cycle right now and a friend told me to use a filter rated larger than my tank and that it would help keep my algae down, so i bought an aquaclear 30. I have the filters running side by side right now so i can carry on whatever bacteria i have in the tank currently. How long should i run them together before i can lose the aqueon?

I shut the light off at night so excessive light isnt a problem. I feed them once a day sometimes once every 2 so overfeeding isnt a problem. any other ideas on the algae?

Also I'm moving in 2 weeks so whats the best way to move them?

I know alot of questions but any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

MBilyeu 04-30-2009 02:55 PM

By scrubbing your gravel under tap water, you could have introduced chlorine or other harmful chemicals to your tank if you did not condition it in a separate container before you put it back in the tank.

I know you said there is no excessive light, but to make sure that the algae you have is under control, I would make sure that the tank is not by a window and you do not have the tank light on for more than 6 hours per day while you still have an algae problem.

As for the filters, 2 weeks is recommended, but the longer the better to make sure that the new filter has all the bacteria needed.

As far as moving goes. I would make sure not to feed the fish for a day or two before the move. On the day of the move, take apart your filters and put the media into a ziploc back with tank water to keep as much bacteria as possible. Then put some tank water and your fish into whatever container you plan on moving them in with a battery powered airstone for oxygen. Once you have them in the new place, set up the tank ASAP and keep it dark for the first few hours that everything is back together. Also you should use as much of the old tank water as possible, and any new water that will be needed for topping off should be added slowly in case there is a huge difference in pH.

Twistersmom 04-30-2009 02:58 PM

Scrubbing your gravel in tap water could have caused a mini cycle.
Algae growth is normal in a cycling tank and usualy slows down when the tank is cycled.
What level is the ammonia? Also, do you have a test kit for nitrites? Ammonia is the first to drop to zero, but the nitrites could still be high. My guess would be that the algea eater died from exposure to high ammonia and nitrites.
I would leave the new filter in the tank for 4-5 weeks before removing it. I don't think the larger filter will help control algae, but always better to have a plus size filter. The algae problem should work its self out with time once the tank is cycled.
When moving, I would recommend buying a couple rubbermaid tubs. One to put the gravel in with a little tank water to keep the gravel wet to keep the bacteria alive. The other tub to put the filters in, with water to keep them wet. You do not want the filters or media to dry out. This would be the last thing I packed up and the first thing to put back together after the move.
The fish should be ok in a bucket for a few hours. A battery operated air pump would be real nice to have.
Hope this helped some.

I type to slow! MB already had it!

millertime610 05-01-2009 09:34 AM

Great! thanks guys. I pulled my old filter out today becuase one of my danios escaped due to my hood being out of place for running both filters, and was discovered by my gf on the kitchen floor. ouch. I had run them for 2 days in tandem but i wieghed the options and i only have one fish (one of which i used to cycle the tank in the first place) so i should do ok. Did a big water change last night, this morning my ammonias were 0 and nitrates were .1 not bad at all so the little guy should be OK in the 10gallon all by himself haha. I did a major gravel vaccum last night also and got most of the algae so its nice and sparkly today.. That hair algae is something nasty tho my siphon kicked tail (pun intended)

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