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yippee 04-30-2009 12:53 AM

how quickly will snails grow?
Simple question. i got some free snails at the pet store. THey are tiny. I got them to do some cleaning in my 10 gallon. I THINK they're just regular pond snails. They may be trumpets, they are so small its hard to tell. I'm trying to let them grow out in a breeder box before putting them in the tank as i'm afraid they would become food in a matter of seconds. JUst wanting to know how long to expect to keep them in a box.

Twistersmom 04-30-2009 07:25 AM

Really depends on what kind of snails you have.
Malaysian trumpet snails, bladder snails, and ramshorns are the most common sanils to come with plants.
The mts and ramshorns both grow fast and should be a decent size in two or three weeks. The bladder snails stay pretty small.
If you give them some algae waffers or some other type of food, it may help in their growth.

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