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IonBaller07 04-29-2009 07:50 PM

My sister bought gold fish.
So my sister was sent out to buy me some crickets for my geckos. She comes back an hour later with my crickets and a bag with 2 of those feeder goldfish in it. I immediatly facepalmed. She went back to her room and pulled out her one gallon bowl that had a few pieces of gravel in it. She washed it out and filled it up. Then just threw in the goldfish and left to go back to texting (what she does all day). Most people, even little 5 year olds have the attention span to be interested in their pets for at least the first week but she ditched hers in the first 5 minutes. It is sitting on the kitchen counter as we speak.

So she rejected my de-chlorinator and Cycle saying they are "just goldfish" she wont even feed them banking on the fact they were recently fed in the massive school at petco. I told her that her one gallon is way to small as they are messy fish and she responded by saying that this is heaven compared to their previous house :roll:. I informed her that goldfish will grow to 12" but she didnt care (I wasnt sure if this was true for this type of goldfish, but I figured Id tell her anyway). I also said that she would have to do water changes at least every 2 days and she rolled her eyes at me, which means that it will quite literally never be changed.

So is there anything I can do for these little guys, short of buying them a new or taking them back for her, that will help them out. I would house them in a new tank but I dont have the money.

By the way shes 18 with a steady income, so she could afford the necessary stuff she just refuses. (if you cant tell me and my sister dont exactly like each other)

watts300 04-30-2009 06:23 AM

She's evidently too stubborn and selfish to want to learn anything. There's no helping her.

My only suggestion is just give them back to the store. They were probably only $.50.
Take them back, empty her bowl and put it away like it never happened. I bet she'll get over it real fast. Then never send her to the store to get you anything again.

JohnnyD44 04-30-2009 06:38 AM

I's a lost cause if she's being that stubborn about not taking care of them.

Even if you convinced her to buy a bigger tank, filter, etc etc etc......feeder goldfish and disease ridden and not the healthiest fish anyways, hence why they are "feeder" fish.

IonBaller07 04-30-2009 01:32 PM

Yes she is very stubborn. They I just got back from school and they are still sitting there on the counter, still haven't been fed. I was just going to put them in my dads 500g outdoor pond but a day or two ago half of his fish randomly died after 2 years. So if he gets the pond worked out I will just throw them in there abd pay her back her .26 cents. (she bought them because they were on sale for $0.13 each. I just hope she can keep them alive long enough for that, but instead of she I mean I, since I will be the one feeding them right after I post this and changing their water tonight. :roll: And Im supposed to be the younger sibling...only on the outside.

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