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kender42 04-28-2009 01:41 PM

Please Help! My goldfish was sucked into my filter!!
So I've got three fancy goldfish in a ten gallon tank with a topfin 10 power filter and one of my goldfish (named toothbrush) got sucked into the intake of the filter the other day and bruised his fin. I figured, no biggie he'll heal. Which he almost did when I noticed yesterday he had gotten sucked in again (I really need to get some mesh to cover the intake) and his fins are completely shredded! all of them , not just the tail fins that went into the intake. Plus his swim bladder issues have gotten worse. I am continually checking if he's still alive cuz he just floats sideways. also it looks like the side of him that's facing down in depressed. That worries me a lot. I put some Fungus Clear in the tank because that's what I have handy (when I bought toothbrush his compadre the Late Spot, had fin rot so I had to get something to clear it up, which this stuff did, at least on toothbrush, spot never made it into the medicine-ized water) and this reminded me of it so I wanted to make sure the other fish didn't catch it. Is there anything else I should be doing that doesn't involve running to the store because I don't have my driver's license or a car?:-( Right now I'm just on a death watch for him because he really looks bad. The other fish seem perfectly fine though which eases my consience a little. :oops::cry: Please help me!!!

kender42 04-28-2009 02:23 PM

He has no will to live!!! Please Help!!

LuvFishLuv 04-28-2009 03:55 PM

He got sucked in to the intake because he was weak. Three goldfish (even if small) are too much bioload for a 10 gallon. For three fancies 40 g is the minimum.
The best thing you can do is a 50% water change and a bigger tank.

For swim bladder relief try feeding a pea. It works sometimes but not always.

Tyyrlym 04-29-2009 06:31 AM

You really need something over the intake. The filter should have come with some kind of strainer or cage to cover the end specifically to avoid something like this.

Venus 04-29-2009 08:57 AM

You need to improve the quality of your water. All the meds in the world won't help if you water is in bad shape. LuvFishLuv is right, your fish is weak from bacteria infection and that's why the fins are shredding.

Sounds like the fish has floating issues that could be eliminated by reducing the water table. It's swim bladder can't tolerate the pressure. These issues may be caused by the water pressure itself or bacteria or constipation. If you lower the water table increase your water changes until you can increase the tank size.

Increase your water changes.

Increase your tank size first and foremost. This will help the floating also.

Increase your surface action by adding a pond pump. Pond pumps sit on the bottom where the nasties are, so the friendly bugs build strong colonies that help fight harmful bacteria. Pond pumps create strong surface action which oxygenates the water and helps fight harmful bacteria.

If you have a lid on your tank; remove it or flip the flap so the water is exposed to fresh air.

Here is my tonic recipe; it eliminates harmful bacteria and greatly enhances goldfish health.
GoldFish Emergency 911

1077 04-29-2009 09:24 AM

+one for bigger tank, bigger filter,more frequent water changes,and cutting back on amount of food offered. At the very least,, I would add a sponge filter rated for twenty gal to this tank. Water changes every other day of two gal. using a dechlorinator that detoxifys ammonia, chlorine,and chloramines. As staed,, Medications will be largely ineffective unless water conditions are ideal which is difficult in smaller tanks hence,, the needed frequent water changes.

kender42 04-30-2009 02:42 PM

I went throught this same freaking discussion like two months ago. It is impossible for me to get a bigger tank. There's no money or space for it. It's not happening. There was a cover over the intake but the slots in it were fairly large and Toothbrush got his fins into one of the slots. now. there's a little panty hose over the hole tube to keep it from happening again.

whitedevil 04-30-2009 03:21 PM

Id give away the fish then, the tank is way too small for that fish. You medicated because its what you had on hand? thats like giving a baby a bottle of beer because thats what you had on hand.

I use 10g for hospital tanks.

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