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tophat665 04-28-2009 12:51 PM

Another (Sort of) West African Community
Howdy, folks. Went to a big auction this weekend, unloaded my festivum spawn and freed up a 40 long, and at the same time picked up, among other things, a group of Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Moliwe", a Trio of Fundulopanchax garneri "Gold", and two pairs of Aphyosemion striatum (for which I need to dig up the location info before I trash the bag.) This has got me thinking of setting up a little west African community in the 40 long.

Now, at the moment, all that's in there are 6 juvenile Pv. taeniatus and a lonely festivum fry that eluded my neat and survived my draining the tank and replacing the substrate - apparently he's indestructible, and will be removed to the 55 gallon festivum tank above this one. I am slowly adding plants as I trim other tanks. Right now it's got some good Limnophilia growing around the heater, some wisteria and ludwegia, and some dwarf sags. There're rock caves and flower pots and a couple of good sized sponge filters.

I was thinking that, once I get a good spawn out of the A. striatums, I would stick at least one, maybe both pairs in there (then shift the Fundulopanchax to the tank the Aphyosemions are in now and use the bare bottomed tank with floating plants for some cory breeding).

What else might work there? 4 killies, 6 young dwarf cichlids, and....?

I'm not necessarily limiting this to West Africa. I am seriously considering popping either an albino bristlenose or a brace of ottos in there to keep the glass cleanish. What do y'all think of the orange hatchet rasboras that have recently been coming out? I'm trying to get some peaceful, non fry eating, non fin nipping dithers in there.

Any help you could give would be, well, helpful.

tophat665 04-30-2009 10:54 AM


So folks, seriously -
1. Will Killies (Specifically Red Lined Killies, Aphyosemion striatum) mix with Kribs (Specifically Pv. taeniatus)
2. If so, are ottos a robust enough algae eater for this situation?
3. Regardless, does anyone have anything to say about Emerald Eye or Orange Hatchet Rasboras as possible dithers in this tank?
4. If neither of those work as dithers, howsabout Danio choprae? Praecox Rainbows (may be too rambunctious for the killies)?
5. Failing that, What's a good schooling fish for this set up? Black Neons? Lemon Tetras? Glowlights? Pencilfish? I'd prefer smaller over larger as well as non-nippy yet unwilling to take abuse.

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