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whitedevil 04-25-2009 08:58 PM

Business AND pleasure
First post here, going to refrence this thread in my intro thread.

Here we go, first are my work tanks and taxidermy we have on display including MANY fish.( $3.5 million worth) Its not BPS.

Twin 9k gallon US tanks, FW regional game fish

half a dozen flatheads
half a dozen channels
1 musky
a trout pond w/ maybe a dozen trout all rainbows( farm raised not native to illinois)
a few walleyes'
some largies and smallies
tons of food err panfish
two gars
a FW drum aka sheephead aka ??? depends where you are from
a average size fox river common carp, labeled a rough fish

Now the pleasure part, my home tank
26g bowfront , white super fine sand
tetra xl45 HOT filter
um had 2 angels one just died, my blusher
a betta
6 neons
3 spotted/peppered cats
3 black kuhlis( ahh now the method of the white sand)
half a dozen tetras my sister got the kids
up and going 13 weeks now

ScottishGirrl 04-26-2009 01:45 PM

Youv only had your home tank up 13 weeks, and already youv stocked it with all those fish?
A betta with those type of fish, I would say no.

whitedevil 04-26-2009 03:46 PM

Why is that?

13 weeks old, full 8 week fish cycled, water parameters are 100% perfect, 7.0 ph, zeroes on everything else.

Why would you say no?

Bettas arent aggressive fish unless they are encroached on then they defend by flaring and chasing the other fish off. Nothing wrong with that.

the bioload( which it seems you have forgotten) is per each individual fish, not a "group" its similar to the bogus 1" per gallon rule.

More fish are going in next week, another 6 neons and another 3 kuhli's

even if per the inch rule, Im still well within those "borders"

A 75g has 3 bettas in it, not one single fight yet. and that tanks been up for nearly 30 months.

My cycle was quick in the 26g, had a ton of good bacteria for it and added some when I had the first bloom, since the 4th week Ive maintained all parameter to within 5ppm of ideal.

the 26g is nothing compared to the 18k gallons at work.

ScottishGirrl 04-29-2009 02:21 PM

Not worried that the betta can be aggressive, more concernede about the fact you have nippy fish in with him.
his tail constantly wigling is an obvious attraction to any fish, especially your angels and tetras.
Well, when iv just started a new tank, i take things really slowly when it comes to adding fish, not adding more than two 2 a week, so the all the parameters are kept at a steady level.
Obviously you dont.

whitedevil 04-29-2009 03:53 PM

13 weeks is nearly a month and a half since cycle was complete.

mine dont nip fins, this is the 2nd betta that the tetras have been with,

Also, ive never had fin nippers, Ive kept enough protein in the fish for them not to want to nip( protein deficency causes alot of nips due to the amounts of protein in a fish's fin.

angel isnt attracted to his tail neither are the tetras, the tetras want in his corner, the angel and betta are feeding mates, heck they even sleep in the same corner together.

You musta had alot of bad luck with tanks.

Maybe they do things different in scotland then they do here in the states.

I do like how you tell me I dont care about my fish, yet you just lost a bunch in a matter of days and Ive only lost 1 angel since this time last year from shock on a tank clean a week or so back. So please dont sit behind your keyboard and talk down to people.

You talk about fish in species, the fish are individuals just like humans are, they have their own personalities, please do some homework and research on what you are throwing around, you'll educate yourself.

Parameters after single betta addition

API master freshwater kit used to test.

Ph 7.0
Ammonia 0-.25ppm
Nitrite 0-.25 ppm
NitrAte 20ppm

Last week were the same , this week was the same, 4 weeks ago was the same, next week...same. so what am I not achiving here? steady levels?

MBilyeu 04-30-2009 12:04 PM

I don't think that you will have a problem with your betta in there until your angel gets older. Then it may not be able to swim away fast enough should the angel feels like attacking it. You will notice if this ever starts to happen and you can deal with it then. Nice tank!

ScottishGirrl 05-16-2009 12:14 PM

Im not speaking down to anyone, judging from some of your other posts Id say you were the one talking down to people!

whitedevil 05-16-2009 03:12 PM

Scottish I am not, I am stating that bettas are a very suitable and very adaptable fish for community tanks. Clifford is dead now, he jumped ship and killed himself on the floor while I slept or slept walked.

Information is false and if its false I will point it out, I wont sit and call people names or tell them they are dead wrong. Ive been in the game for years, Ive had tanks as far as I can remember, set up my first tank when I was 7 , dad always had em, used to breed angels,discus and gups and 3 bettas once, he has a big brain for fish and has taught me most of what I know, I personally was an LFS before I went into the army and got out of "slack work". I took care of and sold fish for 6 years and have just gotten back into fish keeping at my house, this is my 3rd tank ive set up in 3 years. I am keeping fish that the novice or amateur fish keeper would balk at keeping together I like the challenge, I always have arrangements made prior to me actually picking the fish out if things go bad, but again Ive lost no fish to violence in the tank.

I apologize if people feel I am talking down to them.

I am sorry that body language and tone of voice cant be heard or observed in printed text.

I do not have any tetras but the neons anymore, I traded the serpaes and bloodfin and red eyes for 6 guppies, 2 male 4 female. so my tank has drastically changed inhabitants as far as personality goes.

I think that alot of people on here talk down to others but I also take into consideration that it might have been thought of with a different tone or different posture and let it go.

I cant be mad at someone from Scotland, I've got too much celt in me. I am sorry that I was perceived wrong.

willow 05-17-2009 01:28 PM

your tank looks nice,have you got any updated pictures now that
you have changed the fish,only i didn't want to scroll all through your album.

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