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Herky 04-25-2009 11:41 AM

Not sure what's going on with guppies (pics)
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I have 2 female guppies that I recently purchased, one the fish store said was pregnant. I have bought 2 other guppies that were pregnant from the same store, but both died within 2-3 days. Checked the water in the tank, and it was bad so I adjusted it and it seems to be nice and stable now. This tank is actually my girlfriend's, but I've been helping her out with it since she has never had fish before. She really wants to have a guppy that gives birth. I have never really dealt with guppies before, let alone pregnant ones, so I have a few questions.

How do you know when they are ready to give birth? The one that the store said is pregnant is huge now, and has a distended looking belly..more so than before. I have a breeder cage..when should I put her in it? The guppy in question has also gotten very light sensitive. When the light is on she hides next to the little log thing or under the plants, but when the light is off she swims around happily. Is this normal? I really want to make sure we have some baby fish this time...3rd times a charm right? I have included some pictures. The one in question is the one in the bottom pic, but you can see her hiding in the first one.

Herky 04-26-2009 09:52 AM

So yeah, this one died last night too. 3rd pregnant guppy dead. Sucks.

froglady 04-26-2009 12:55 PM

Sorry about your guppies. thats sad. In the past Ive lost a girl or two. while. pregnant. and have no idea what the source was. I sometimes think the pregnancy was too much for them. but never really know I guess.

Herky 04-26-2009 04:40 PM

that's all I can think of too, all three looked like they had exploded and were all bloody on the inside.

Herky 04-27-2009 07:44 AM

The momma guppy died yesterday morning, but this morning we have 8! How they survived I'll never know...they just came out of nowhere.

mollies 04-27-2009 01:43 PM

Yes she was past ready a week ago. I had a mollie do the same expload. YOU should put the female in the net by her self to reduce the stress. Thats the cause stress. Better luck next time. A month is bout when you should start watching them to be ready to give birth. Then when you think ther ready get them moved. Just dont wait till its to late. I personaly have a sepert tank for my females to go in to. Then i take them out a week later and put them back with the clan. Make sure you dont stress them. It will take a few times to know when ther ready but you will get the hang of it. You may have more then 8 they hide in the subst, rock and plants give it a few days and you may see more.

willow 04-28-2009 02:08 AM

sorry to see you having problems.
may i make a small suggestion ?
providing more plant cover will make your fish feel more secure,if you don't feel
confident to try some real plants,silk ones will do.
there are a few real plants that will survive low light conditions,worth a try.
the breeding net,i wouold also suggest putting some sort of plant to float in there too,
it takes the stress away from the female feeling exposed,and gives the fry somewhere to go and hide away too.
i hope you have better luck next couple of weeks time.

Herky 04-28-2009 09:56 AM

thanks willow, I was just talking with my gf about getting some more plants for her seems a little too bare for me, and I'm sure the fish would thanks for confirming that line of thought!

1077 04-28-2009 10:07 AM

I am wondering how new is this tank? how long has it been running with fish in it? What do water tests indicate for ammonia,nitrites,and nitrates ?

Herky 04-28-2009 11:58 AM

This particular tank has been up and running for a little over two months. I started it out with 3 goldfish for a week, just to get things started, removed them and then it had 3 angels and 3 gouramis for a few weeks, but the angels quickly outgrew it and the gouramis fought nonstop so I bought my 29 gallon and put them in there. The rest of the time it has been populated by 2 balloon mollies, 2 guppies at any given time and there were 3 cardinal tetras, but two have died. In its current state and population I would say it has been at or around a month. I'm just getting back into fish so I didn't have any testing supplies but I bought an all in one test strip kit and an ammonia test kit and the corresponding chemicals from Jungle Labs about a week or so ago.

Initial tests for this tank resulted in slightly high nitrates (but still in the safe zone according to tests), negligible on nitrites, but the ammonia was at very high levels about a week ago, I have since reduced it to the point where it doesn't even really register on the test strips, and have significantly reduced the nitrates as well, with them falling well into the safe zone according to the tests (the lowest reading on the chart for the tests). pH levels seem to be at a constant somewhere between 6.8 and 7.2. Temperature in the tank reads on a stick on thermometer as 78 degrees F. Another thing that may be a problem, here in northwest IA we have very hard water, but I talked to the lfs where I bought the fish and had them test my water before I had purchased testing supplies and she showed me the results and compared between my water and hers and mine actually tested a little better than hers, but both had very hard water. Is this an area of concern that can be remedied? If so, how? I would like to have the most ideal water conditions possible but have been out of the hobby for over 10 years so its like relearning everything. Also, water changes have been done every week, doing nearly exactly a 1/3 water change on all my tanks, and refilled with conditioned water (using tetra aquasafe). I have also used tetra easy balance for nitrate reduction at one point and time, along with jungle labs correct pH and jungle labs ammonia clear. I'm still in the dark about nitrite control..but so far I haven't had to worry about it in this particular tank or my other 29 gallon. We also have a 29 gallon with goldfish in it for my gf's daughter but I really haven't spent any time testing it, just doing water changes with it. According to my tests, my water appears to be well within safe ranges for my fish, except for hardness (listed as total alkalinity on the test charts). Would it be better for me to get something like the "master" test kits I see that are available online from a few different companies? Thanks for any advice or insight you can offer ahead of time.

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