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block2 04-24-2009 02:00 AM

Fishing The Thai Way - Part 2
Hi All,

One of the family is called Sai Chun, he is from Issan originally, which is in the North East of Thailand. They are from Laos originally, and are one of the poorest in Tailand, mainly farmers, and they will eat anything, including bats, birds, snakes, rats, dogs the list is endless.

It as just come to the end of the rainy season, and there are quite a few waterholes around the village, these will eventually dry up till next year, but they all have fish in them that have been trapped as the water resides.

Si Chun straps a car battery to his back, and as two metal prongs with wooden handles and a switch on, connected to the battery. He then goes into the pools and send a small electric current into the water, stunning the fish.

Here's a couple of pics of Si Chun fishing and some pics of the fish he caught. Not sure what the fish are so anybody out there can tell me it would be much appriciated.

1. Si Chun fishing

2. Si Chun Fishing

3. Si Chun Fishing











Jeff & Wan

1077 04-24-2009 04:02 AM

No larger than the pool is in photo,, I would have thought a net or seine ,would be just as effective.

Twistersmom 04-24-2009 05:21 AM

6) looks alot like tinfoil barbs, not sure that they are though.

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

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