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afoshee 04-23-2009 02:55 PM

HELP...Melafix and Primafix together??
Just returned from the fish store. I was told I could use Melafix and Primafix together. I added both meds about 1 hour ago. Ive been keeping close eye on the fish. I noticed white shreddy pieces, for lack of better description, slowly coming off the Severums. Is this their slime coat and am I doing damage to them? Or could this be whatever was ailing them coming off? My levels are fine, just did water change before adding meds. I also noted that same "slimey stuff" on the tips of my artificial plants since adding meds. Any thoughts? My beautiful 12inch dempsey died suddenly last week, and then I lost one of my Severums due to fighting/establishing territory after Jack died. My son just described the slimey stuff as "cobwebs". Interesting, as it kind-of looks like that!

PLease help.. I dont want to lose anymore fish.


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