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watts300 04-21-2009 06:07 PM

I'm moving in a couple months...
What is the most practical method of moving an aquarium?

Note I didn't ask the "best" way, because I know the "best" way would just have 4 or 5 big burly men move the whole aquarium completely intact. ;-)

But back to reality. :-P How much water can be safely removed? Can it get as high as 90-95%?
Can it be refilled that much with new conditioned tap water? If not, I can probably transport some of the original water in my changing bucket.

I can of course make sure to treat the fish and filter as fragile for the drive. So I guess the major thing is the water to reduce the tremendous weight.

WisFish 04-21-2009 06:41 PM

Are you moving the 20 gallon tank? If so, I've already used a colemon cooler to hold the water, plants and fish. 20 gallons would fit easily in a cooler. The lid helps to keep the water and fish in too.

JohnnyD44 04-21-2009 08:10 PM

I moved my 20G tank about a year's how I did it and it worked great!!
~~~keep in my my move was only about 1 hour away~~~~

First off, forget about moving a majority of you tank water....there is not that much beneficial stuff in the water to begin with, and moving it just a heavy waste of time. You will only need about half of it, maybe less.

What you will need to complete your move:
Two (2) five gallon buckets
air stones
battery pump or ac adapter for the car ( if moving long distance)
gravel vac or a siphon
time to do all this without someone bugging you

Take one of the 5 gallon buckets an fill it with about 4 gallons of tank water. add your fish. if you have the ability, alot of filters can be rigged to fit on the side of the bucket...if you can, do this.....this will make life easier while you complete the rest of this. also throw in an air stone for now....

In the other 5 gallon bucket, fill about half way with tank water and add the following :
your gravel or subtrate
and plants

drain the tank and dump/throw away what you can't fit into those two buckets. rinse the tank out really well.

once your tank is empty and you've wrapped up your light, hood and heaters.....unplugged the filter from the 1st 5 gallon bucket. remove and cartirdges and filter media and place it in the 2nd 5 gallon bucket.

***this is the most important part of your move: keeping your filter media wet and alive****

load the buckets into the front of your moving truck, or whatever you are driving and hook up the air stone to the battery pump and throw an air stone in the bucket with your fish. if you can find lids with holes in them for both buckets, that's the it will stop water from sloshing around!

once you arrive at your destination....first thing is get your tank up stairs and set it up....
add water and dechlorinator
assemble your filter, and put in the filter
add all the objects from your 2nd bucket (filter pads, gravel, plants)
get the water up to the proper fish will be ok in the smaller bucket for little bit of time.

once the water reaches the proper temp, move your fish into the tank and test your parameters....

thats all I got for right now, i'm sure I missed something or said something stupid....but if you have any questions, message me! I've done it twice


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