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PCast66 04-21-2009 11:14 AM

Question about filtering a 30gal
Hello, Im relatively new to aquariums, I have had many pets over the years but never really set up a full aquarium(had a salt water tank in my house when I was younger but never really maintained it). I have a 10 gallon tank right now with a few fish in it, and my friend just gave me 2 Gourami's and 2 Lyretail Mollies because he could no longer keep them. Before that all I had in the tank were 3 angels, an iridescent shark, and a clown pleco. So anyway now my 10 gallon tank is too small to hold all these fish obviously, so I want to put them in my old 30 gallon tank, but the filter for that (a hagen aquaclear) is missing so I wanted to know if my corner filter would be able to filter the water well enough for the next week and a half or so until I can buy a bigger filter? It works just fine for my 10 but I dont want the ammonia or anything to build up when I switch them to the 30. Sorry for the long post, I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Thank you!

1077 04-21-2009 11:40 AM

The filter ,while better than nothing,, won't be able to properly filter the tank long term. You will need to perform water changes every couple days of 20 percent in my view,using a good dechlorinator for new water. You will also need a heater to keep the water warm. Do you have a test kit to test for ammonia levels? Feeding the fish once every other day and only what you see them eat in approx. one minute will help keep ammonia from becoming toxic but you will need to monitor this closely. I would not clean the filter before putting it on the 30 gal ,and I would take a cup or two of aquarium gravel from the ten gal ,and place it in the toe section of a piece of panty hose and place it in the 30 gal as well. This will allow the good bacteria to establish itself in the 30 gal and help more to develop.You really should get a filter rated for the thirty gal but I feel the best chance for these fish given your circumstances,, is to move them to the 30 gal. Look for dechlorinator such as PRIME for use with new water and please monitor the water closely with a test kit such as API master kit. If you can't afford the test kit and or heater and conditioner,, then leave the fish where they are while feeding sparingly, and perform water changes of 10 percent daily on the ten gal until you have everything you need for the 30 gal. This is what I would do,, others might have different ideas. The shark and angel fish will need even larger tank than 30 gal as they mature.When you do get the filter for 30 gal ,I would put both filters on the thirty gal and let them both run until the 30 gal tests 0 for ammonia, and nitrites and you have some detectable nitrates. Good luck!

jeaninel 04-21-2009 11:44 AM

When the 30 gallon is set up and ready move your current filter from your 10 gallon onto the 30 gallon and add your fish. You'll need to test your water parameters daily as you may see an ammonia/nitrite spike from adding the additional fish but you'll have a good head start on the cycling process. Be prepared to do extra water changes if you do see any ammonia or nitrite. Then when you get your new filter leave the old filter on the tank and run it along with the new filter for about a month until the new filter can get established.

Just a note, your ID shark will eventually outgrow the 30 gallon. They get huge!

PCast66 04-21-2009 11:45 AM

Thanks for your response. I do have a heater for that tank, as well as a heater in my 10 gallon. I also do have the test kit for the ammonia, so I'll be able to monitor it. I have another box filter that I could hook up as well, and as for the bigger tank I have a 55 that I'll set up, I just dont have ANYTHING for that tank(used to hold a snake). So once I move into my new place and have the money I'm going to set up the 55. Feeding them every other day would be ok? I usually feed them once or twice a day now, what I see them eat and usually an algae wafer in the evening. Every couple of days I give them frozen bloodworms as well. Should I cut it down to once every other day?

PCast66 04-21-2009 11:47 AM

And I was aware of the bacteria being established in the new tank and all, should I take some of the water from my 10 and put it in the 30? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I just want to make sure I dont kill all my fish by trying to improve the conditions!

1077 04-21-2009 12:03 PM

If you feed very sparingly,, you could feed them once a day but not too much or ammonia spikes will be the result. There is very little good bacteria in the water so using water from the ten galwill be of little benefit. The majority of the bacteria will be in the filter from the ten gal and in the gravel from the ten gal as well as any decorations. The bacteria gathers on everything in the aquarium.;-)

PCast66 04-21-2009 12:15 PM

Ok great, so i'm going to set up the 30 tonight with a 2nd box filter and hopefully everything will be ok for a week or so, and I just have 2 more questions. One of the Gourami's is being quite aggressive to the other one, just the other gourami though he's fine to the other fish, do you think its because of the smaller tank? And one of my angels is hiding all the time now and never did before, again could this be because of less territory? and also, I have a dechlorinator, I can put that in as well as the old filter, gravel, decorations, etc. How long should I let it cycle for before it's safe to put the fish in? the fish would be in the 10 gallon with no filter till I can put them in the 30.

1077 04-21-2009 12:30 PM

The gouramis sold today ,are more often as not males who do tend to be aggressive towards other males. The added room in 30 gal may help in this respect. Angelfish can be shy especially with recent new additions of fish. Try and provide some tall artificial or real plants in the thirty gal as you are able to and Angelfish will feel more secure.
I would fill the thirty gal with water and dechlorinator,place the heater in the tank for fifteen minutes before turning it on. Once the water is warm enough,, I would then take the filter,gravel from ten gal ,and any decorations from ten gal,and place them on and in the thirty gal and add fish as well. Don't let any of the filter material and or gravel from the ten gal dry out. Keep it in the ten gal until the thirty gal is full of dechlorinated water and temp is approx78 to 80 degrees.;-)

PCast66 04-21-2009 12:36 PM

Ok, I think I got it. Thanks for all your help, hopefully all will go well.

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