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lisabateman 07-24-2013 06:52 AM

Columnaris or TB? New Tank New Guppies
36 gallon new tank
ph 7.4
Ammonia .50
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 40 (It's in my well water - have done multiple water changes) Added Seachem Purigen yesterday.
GH 10
KH 4

Using Prime and Seachem beneficial bacteria to help cycle.

Purchased 6 guppies and 5 glow tetras, 6 neon tetras and dwarf gourami to start. lost 4 of the 6 neons within first 36 hours. One by one, my guppies stop eating, hide on the bottom of the tank, and eventually die. The first guppy to go had white cottony growth on back of head. None of the others have shown that symptom. One common factor in most of the other guppies that died was the flesh toned (scaleless?) strip that ran from the "neck" to midback - this occurred on the back/dorsal strip of the body.

Treated with Jungle Fungus Clear for 8 days as per the instructions. Didn't seem to help stop the deaths or onslaught. Yesterday was the last day of treatment, I did the suggested 30% water change, put a new carbon filter in (seeded with old filter material) and Purigen pack.

Only the guppies appear to be affected by this. The tetras and gourami (dwarf)

Salt water/blue baths aren't helping - once they stop eating and hiding, it seems hopeless.

Any ideas?
I don't have another tank to put the OK fish in to disinfect everything...eeek.

Austin 07-24-2013 07:11 AM

I'm not sure, but the ammonia levels are pretty high and I'm sure that's not helping. :(

Sylverclaws 07-25-2013 02:18 PM

You have put too many, too quickly into a tank, a tank that is uncycled. Your stats show that. Putting too many in at once also raises the acidity in the water very quickly.

This stuff being off can cause all sorts of problems from lowering their immune systems. It can cause small problems, or even ones not there before, to bloom into full very fast. You did have some fungal issues it seems, didn't sound like columnaris...that usually looks kinda like a saddle on the back, some do anyways, and then get fuzzy around the back of the head, which you have(was there any patchy looking areas back there before the fuzz? That's how it usually starts out).

Aquarium salt and clean, perfect water and stats help with those things. But you have got to get your tank cycled first. I'd take back the fish until it is and get them in slower, about 3-5 every two weeks. If you have ammonia, nitrites and high nitrates in the tank, it will make everything worse, especially that ammonia. Seachem prime can be added to water changes to help get rid of that, but it's going to kick back up if the tank isn't cycled with a beneficial bacteria system to keep it clean.

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