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ollecram 04-19-2009 09:09 PM

nipped fins and maybe more.
i just walked into my room and one of my tiger barbs was stuck to the intake of my penguin HOB filter. This is the first time this has ever happened and i know the fish is very weak. over the past week or two, he has been gradually losing energy and for the past two days he has been hovering near the bottom of the tank. i bought some melafix and pimafix because i saw that some of his fins were a bit damaged. it didnt really help his fins after applying for a week. all of my other fish look fine and none are having any problems at all. i cant test my water now because i dont have a kit and its 10 at night. i think my other fish are bullying him. i see them chase him sometimes because he is the small one. i have 3 tigers and 3 cherry barbs. is there a way i can stop them from bullying him? he has been gradually turning a grayish color and i dont see him eat as much as he used to. what should i do?

Psychmajor 04-19-2009 09:23 PM

Your barb, im sorry to say is most likely dying. I have tiger barbs too, and when ever they got stuck to the filter, it meant they were dying. sorry! as for the bullying, you have two options, remove the weak one from the tank, or provide alot of cover, (caves, plants, floating plants etc) for the little guy to hide in. it is possible that your water levels are too high, but if the other fish are not bieng affected, then it may just be that individual fish. what size tank do you have? i would suggest getting a small tank, to use as a hospital tank and to put the medicine in, so as not to affect your other fish, but there are no guarentees. the bargs have been known to be semi-aggressive, ( i have never seen this, in fact, my 4 are schooling in my 75 gallon tank), but they do chase eah other and nip sometimes.Good luck with the fish!

ollecram 04-19-2009 09:28 PM

thats what i was afraid of. i have a 20 long. ive had them for over a year and they've never bothered him before. thanks for the help.

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