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Bartman 04-19-2009 04:00 PM

Post your QT tank pics
I am looking for ideas on how to set up QT tanks and what sort of equipment you folks use to set these up. Do most people just use the refuge in the sump for this?

Thanks guys.

Pasfur 04-22-2009 08:21 PM

The refuge in the sump does not count as a quarantine. You need the fish to be in total isolation.

My Q tank for my 180 is not set up yet. It will be a 38 gallon, bare bottom, with a few pieces of PVC pipe for hiding places. The salinity will be 1.013 with alkalinity of 12 to 14 dkh. The filter will be a simple sponge filter and air pump, with an additional hang on filter for water movement only. After 2 weeks at 1.013 salinity, I will being to slowly raise the salinity to 1.024 over a period of a week. After 3 weeks the fish will be moved to the display.

The fish will be feed garlic supplements daily, along with brine shrimp to entice feeding. Over a period of time other foods will be introduced to get the fish accustomed to the display tank feeding ritual.

A UV Sterilizer will be run on the Q tank, as well as the display.

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