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Noah22 04-19-2009 03:22 PM

Sick betta; Please help!
Hello everyone,

I am new to all this fish care-taking and I have been having some troubles. I bought a beautiful male betta from a local fish store, he was in with a bunch of other fish. I brought him home and put him in one of those worthless betta "condo's" for temporary housing until I got a half gallon bowl that I put him in, he was happier then ever and was dancing all around. I wanted to get him a tank mate, so i went out and got him a African Dwarf Frog and put them in a 1.5 gallon bowl. They seemed really happy together and they got along great, it wasnt until i did reading on the frogs that I began to worry about my betta. I woke up the next day to find his bubblenest:-)....and he had popeye:-( ! I immediately transfered the frog out and put the betta back in the half gallon with the heat to 80%, daily 30% water changes, 1/8 tsp aquarium salt, meracyn and meracyn two. He wont eat, even after i soaked bloodworms in some garlic water and used an eyedropper to place it right in front of him...he did seem to love the garlic though. Please help, I dont know what else to do or if i can do anymore, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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