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Hector Fishy 2222009 04-19-2009 05:14 AM

HelpInformation and help from my healthy Tank!
Finally, after all of fish floating on the tank, the tank was habitated peacefully by 2 Black Moors and 2 Ryukins. at 3 inch, 4 inch, 3.5 inch and 5 inch respectively.The black moors once got white spots, which i thought were bubbles at first, but when i held them out in the net, the spots are still there.They are healthy now!:-)

One ryukin, bought on 18/3/2009, is shy at first, not really hanging out and always hiding from me! But now it always comes out to look at me, although i still cant touch it.:oops:

Honestly, the small black moor is the sweetest and the cutiest in my tank. I tried an experiment before, i look at it from far and it swam in the middle of the tank, i go near it and look from above. As soon he sees me he swims up the tank searching for food.:lol:My big black moor is blind, i think. Poor thing!

The only problem now is the BIGG RYUKIN!!!!! It is getting very FAT and keeps swimming sideways ( siwm bladder problems) I know this will happen as she eats almost all the other fish food in a few seconds.How can I stop it from eating much? Put her in a quarantine tank?:-?

Why my plants in the tank keeps dying ? Now my tank is empty but the surface is full of plants not dead yet! They keep coming off from the pots. What to do? I dont put stones and pebbles below the tank, should I put them? Any help is appreciated!:-P

Psychmajor 04-19-2009 09:51 PM

your ryukin may have a swim bladder problem, which can make it swim sideway,s is it actually on its side, or just going sideways? fyi, the white cottony spot things were probably ich, whenever you see that, treat the whole tank, as it is contagious. as for her eating all the food, you may want to take her out at feeding time, feed the other fish, then put her back and feed her, but you cant slow down her eating,. try giving her alittle bit of food at at time, so she eats fast, but not as much so fast. your plants may be dying because either your fish are uprooting them and eating the root system, or the water does not have enough minerals in it to sustain them, try researching your plants and see if they need iron , or a different substrate. try this website to find info about bladder issue and see if your fish matches the symtpoms. Fish Disease and Treatment good luck!

Hector Fishy 2222009 04-21-2009 09:21 AM

Are you sure? I feed them every day! My mom always says the fish will get even ill if you keep changing their tanks, because it does not match their tank temp. I should have chased it around whenever she eats too much. She has a very high speed, you know? She can eat 6-15 pellets in 4 seconds. No kidding? Any other ways to solve?

willow 04-21-2009 10:03 AM

perhaps soak the pelltes in tank water before you feed it to the fish,
the same goes for flake food too,it's better for the fish.

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