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mollies 04-18-2009 12:55 AM

Help plz!!!!!
I have a female mollie haveing her fry and eating them as fast as they come out. How or what can i do to stop this? Could i put some water in a bowl and put the fry in it till morning to get a breeder net?

Byron 04-18-2009 11:53 AM

Floating plants will allow the fry to hide.

mollies 04-18-2009 03:17 PM

ok i got them a breeder net they like to stay at the bottom of the tank. so i saved 6 of them. thank you for the help.

Psychmajor 04-19-2009 09:54 PM

As byron said, floating plants and/or fry tank are your only two options to save them. if you think your female is pregnant, try getting her seperated so she can give birth. however, if you stress her out, she will abort. good luck!

mollies 04-23-2009 01:14 PM

Thanks for all your help my mollies ended up haveing 164 babys. So i went out today and got another 55 gallon so i could put the fry in. They keep spiting out one or two a day now. Thanks again. the tank is very heavly planted and driftwood. Will get pics up soon.

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