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boris37 04-17-2009 12:27 PM

1 fish has ich/ick
so i have a 55 gallon tank running, bought about 5 molly's and 6 of another type to get me started(have apple snails+vampire shrimp in there already as well).

One black molly died, no idea why he was slow/sluggish and got stuck on the filter intake, i pulled him off and threw him in my quarantine bowl where my other sick fish is. he died this morning.

Well now i have this sick molly that probably already got my other fish sick already just needs time.

I know both fish i got are tropical but i cant remember what the others are. I quarantined the sick fish but i have a feeling he got the other fish sick but time will tell.

Long story short should i just throw him back with the other fish and treat them all with the salt treatment? I notice he has a lot of stuff coming off of him in this other bowl, white pieces and black pieces. Not sure if it's his scales and the ick or what but yeah.

If can be i want to avoid any chemicals unless someone swears by it. I mainly wondering if i should treat this fish alone in the bowl he's in or treat them all at the same time. I have not noticed the ich on any others "yet"

Any advice for correct action would be nice. My other mollies seem fine but i want to make sure they stay that way... i would like to add more fish one day.


boris37 04-17-2009 01:32 PM

okay i failed to read sticky's, i will treat them all and put him back.

However can i use pickling/coarse salt if it's the only non-iodized salt i can find? I know aquariam salt is just another version of this at a steeper price... should it matter?

Twistersmom 04-17-2009 02:37 PM

Table salt with iodine is fine to use as well.
I have used it for the heat/salt treatment with no problems.

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