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sleeper69 07-22-2013 01:08 PM

Heater for 29 gallon tank and Lighting
What is a Good not to expensive Heater I can buy for my tank also is it bad to leave the light on all day and night ? I would appreciate the advice :-D:cheers::cheers::cheers::

jentralala 07-22-2013 01:41 PM

There are many types of heaters. I found mine on Drs. Foster and Smith, I think they all pretty much work equally. I use the Jager on my 35 and a Hydor on my 10. Both seem to work fine, but I live in very warm weather so they don't have to be on constantly.

Also, yes, it's bad for the light to be on 24/7. Fish need time to rest, and they do this in darkness. Fish can't close thei eyes and block out light like mammals can. It's good to emulate nature, with roughly 12 hours of light and 12 of dark. This can of course be altered as needed, especially to control algae.

Constant light will put fish under stress as it's not natural for them, and will make them more susceptible to disease. This is especially true for nocturnal fish (kuhli loaches come to mind), as they prefer to be active during the night.

sleeper69 07-22-2013 01:47 PM

Thanks! you seem like you have alot of knowledge about fish. Can you tell me what kind of affect buying a brand new filter system for my tank and replacing it with my new one i keep hearing you have to run them at the same time for a month but I dont remember fish keeping being this much of a hassle lol. Thanks again

jentralala 07-22-2013 02:25 PM

It could send your tank into a mini-cycle, as the filter holds a good chunk of beneficial bacteria (the stuff that processes fish waste and renders it mostly harmless. It exists all over the tank, but there's a good portion in filters.).

What could potentially happen is that you have less bacteria than fish waste being produced, so your fish could end up dying from being poisoned from their own waste.

You can skip running both on the tank if you salvage as much old media as possible and place it within the new filter, and keep an eye on ammonia and do PWCs if ammonia ever rises above 0.

The idea with running them both is that the new filter would have time to colonize bacteria, while the old one is still running and taking care of the ammonia being produced by fish. Then when you eventually remove the old filter, you should theoretically have enough bacteria in the new filter to avoid a mini cycle.

avraptorhal 07-22-2013 02:26 PM

I have a Aqueon Pro, Fluval E, Hydor and Jager heaters as an experiment to see how they last. The Hydoe is the only one short enough for my Betta tank. They have all performed well. The Hydor was the cheapest.

I'm a safety nut so I have two heaters in each tank in case one fails. I haven't yet figured out what to do if one of the heaters sticks on. There are some alarms advertised but I've heard kind bad things about them.

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