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noahazark 04-13-2009 02:09 PM

coralline algae?
My Nano cube had a deviating disaster when the ballast again died. The JB lighting company took so long to replace it, that all of my coral and critters died. I was so discouraged that I just let the tank set awhile and did not even turn on the lights. Eventually I did a partial water change and discovered that my nitrites were way out of wack. I was told it was probably given off by my live rock that was dead/dying and would need to take it out, scrape it off some and start the whole nitrogen cycle again. I still have not gotten around to doing that but did set the timer for the lighting again. Some coralline algae quickly started showing up again and it seems to really have spread well. However, I do not recall my old algae growing into what almost looks like polyps or mushrooms? Is this not what I think it is? I had trouble with red slime once and this does not look like that.
Can anyone tell me if I am growing coralline or something else? There is nothing in my tank but the rock, substrate and water.
Any advice or help would be appreciated. I would love to restart this tank but am afraid to take it
apart again now.
Noah :oops:

Pasfur 04-13-2009 05:23 PM

Pics please.

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