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Deanna01 07-20-2013 08:21 AM

In-tank BBS hatchery
Hi, all. I recently bred two of my bettas, and I bought a Tom's in-tank BBS hatchery for the fry. I am new to this, though, and am having trouble telling when the shrimp have hatched. Also, the directions say that you need to pull it out and clean it between each hatching (which would be daily, then), and I would like to know if that is actually necessary (it seems it would spill saline into the tank), or if you can simply use it continuously. If you can, do you need to add new salt each day as well as new eggs?

Thank you for any help!

Sakura8 08-02-2013 05:03 PM

Hi Deana, I'm sorry, I have never used one of these hatcheries before although I hear they're great. In regards to hatching . . . you may be able to tell if you shine a light in and all you see are shells. Otherwise, I guess what's really important is that the fish can find them. :)

henningc 08-04-2013 11:57 PM

I've never heard of a hatchry like that. Sorry, I'm a Mason Jar Hachery Guy. If you get a small glass eyedropper from the drug store or market in the pharmacy you can see them swimming around. As for cleaning, as long as you don't let a hatchery crash, rinsing it once weekly should be fine.

One more thing, betta fry typically need green water to really thrive before the brine shrimp. The vast majority of the fry will be too small to eat the brine shrimp at free swimming.

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