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Hector Fishy 2222009 04-11-2009 09:31 AM

How to breed Goldfish?
I had 2 black moors and 2 ryukins in a 30 gallon tank.

1 Black Moor is bigggg! 3.5 inches, and a convex vent. Its a female. The other is small, 2 inches but i think its a male, because when I put the female into the new tank, it start chasing it for few minutes, then never. Is it mean that there is one male or female?

2. 1 Ryukin is 5 inches, with a convex vent, its a female. But i dont know the sex of the other one. Its about 3 inches and very active. How can you tell the sex?

3. How big or how long should they get to let them breed? How to make them breed? When do they breed? I live in Malaysia. Do you know? Everyday is hot here. HOpe will help. Thanks.;-)

Westie7 04-11-2009 11:08 AM

Well, for one, they must be full size, which can only be possible if they're in quite a big tank. All I know is they must be at least a foot long. For more info, look at someone else.

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